Hear ye, hear ye! Althea has finally launched its app! 

I know traffic is deadly and much of our lives are spent on the road on our mobile devices, and Althea must know about that, too. The Korean beauty conglomerate has recently launched its app to make shopping easier and more accessible for mobile users. Whether you need to window shop while on the road, browse what's new in Althea, or need some retail therapy to heal your frustrations from traffic, this app is for you. 

The nice thing about this app is that it is a seamless integration from desktop. Whatever your account details are on desktop, they will automatically reflect when you sign in on mobile. The app requires a bit more "labor" because as compared to desktop, items do not immediately appear on the home part. The promo banners appear, but unlike on desktop, things like bestsellers are not displayed here. 

But heeey mobile has its own rewards, too! Hurry and use this coupon code to save Php300 on Php1000! 

But the search area will kind of remind you of everything cool about this site. The search bar has everything suggested, as seen here. Even the titles for their promotions like "1+1 Daebak" are also written. 

The moment you do search something, this is what will appear. Thankfully, they have already removed items that are out of stock. During the beta testing period, there were items that were already out of stock yet still part of the listings. Glad that IT had gotten rid of the issue. 

Once you get to an individual item page it's literally like on desktop. When it comes to payment, I will admit that I had a hard time on the app because I don't save any payment information in my e commerce accounts. Long gel nails + having to type numbers and addresses= Poor Mari. 

But for those who are used to using their mobile devices for e commerce and have payment details saved, it should be easy. 

Since I punched in my order in December, the items came in a suuuper cute Christmas box! 

I got myself Rire's toner coz it is soooo popular. It was also out of stock for a while on the site, so I was reaaally very eagle eyed about the comeback of this baby. 

I also finally got myself a cult favorite and I had invested in Laneige's cushion! I am sooo smitten by this holiday design. I am so thankful that I had delayed purchasing this because this holiday edition is so mesmerizing. 

If you look at this closely or put it under lighting you'd see all the shimmer and glitter and galaxy going on. It's like a unicorn designed this! 

Aaand just to end this post, this is a photo of items that I got from Althea. Not all of them may be available in you Althea sites (it varies from country to country), but I hope this will serve as a good starter. I only need to jumpstart you guys because I'm sure that when you're there shopping on the app you already know what to hoard hahaha  

So yaaay this is my first Althea post for 2017! I have quite a number of posts lined up and am very excited to share them with you dolls. 

BTW for those who are curious, the Althea Korea app is available on Android and iOS. As far as this post is concerned, as with my last check, there is still a special promotion going on. MOBFIRST300 on the app gets you Php300 off Php1000! Weww! 

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