Happy New Year!!!! Happy 100th Maybelline blog post to meeee!!! This is a special post as this is my 100th Maybelline post in a mix of press releases, reviews, tutorials, and events for the past 4 years! Whew!!!! If my tally is right this is the first brand wherein I've reached the 100 mark. The brands I especially like are mostly at the 50 something post mark, so that's why this truly is a milestone. 

I personally see it as a milestone because reviews aren't easy to do. Swatches aren't easy to produce. It also takes a certain level of maturity to be able to give cohesive reviews. In the span of 2016, with all (as in ALLLLLL) the products that Maybelline sent, I really feel that the brand has been instrumental in helping me hone my swatching, reviewing and flatlaying skills.  

Okaaay so let's go back to the planner! This is their Make It Happen 2017 planner and I have the scans here. I super love the current slogan versus the "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline" slogan because I honestly find this to be more powerful and relatable. This and SK-II's current "Change Destiny" campaigns are my favorite campaigns overall. I like campaigns that not only are able to promote the functional benefits of the products but are also able to make women feel that they can break all the societal and social chains that bind them.

Okaaay for realzzz let's get back to this planner. This is a sticker sheet in each planner! The whole sheet is like half a piece of bond paper so the stickers are tiny and cute.

As with any other planner there is a calendar for this year and the next two years. Since this is a Philippine planner you can also see Philippine holidays indicated and marked.

Before the planner proper there is a Goal Tracker page. 

The format is that for every month, there is a month page with a celebrity and a product, and then this month at a glance page. 

After the month at a glance page, the days are broken down into this format, with each spread having one week laid out on it. 

As for the celebrities and stuff (which I know you want to see), here you go:

Gigi Hadid for January

Liza Soberano and Gigi Hadid for February

Jourdan Dunn for March, and there are the Creamy Matte Brown Nudes

Herieth Paul (I think!) for May

Liza Soberano and Adriana Lima for June

Adriana Lima and Dream Velvet Foundation for July. 

Gigi Hadid and Lip Gradation for August

Gigi Hadid for September

Gigi Hadid and Emily DiDonato (I think!) for October

Gigi Hadid for November. 

Jourdan Dunn for December

How do you get this planner? It's available with a Maybelline purchase of at least Php999, until supplies last, in Maybelline counters nationwide. Hurry because these planners will surely run out soon! Be sure to check with your Maybelline lady first because the crazy sale that they had till December 31 might mean that some counters may not have planners anymore. 

I got this planner coz I also went hoarding at the Crazy Sale... lo and behold when I got home I saw the team send one over, too! I have two now so I'm looking for a friend to give it to hahaha. 

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