Summer is upon us!!! The exciting part about summer is that brands often shower us bloggers with sun care products, this year being no exception. Sample Room graciously sent over Belo Sun Care boxes featuring the sun care range Belo has. I honestly have never bought any Belo item before being exposed to them through Sample Room. They market sooo heavily and I've seen them in tons of commercial and print ads, but I never got around to buying any Belo product myself. My first Belo purchase was their Baby cologne. I tried one through Sample Room (I tried the yellow one), went crazy for it, then bought the rest. Indeed, the power of trial is an indispensable tool for consumers of the 21st century. 

Just as an aside, I totally love their cologne. Their colognes are the most long lasting fragrances I've ever encountered, and they work so well to combat the smell of sweat. I make sure I use them everyday under whatever fragrance I plan to use because no matter what my mood is, I still wanna smell baby good at the end of the day. 

Okaaay, so going back, they sent over sprays, creams, and tinted ones. They sent sunscreen in almost every format imaginable, so I thought that in this post I'd share my thoughts on each one and which kind of people each product will best work for. 

Before I talk about the products, I thought I'd give my general thoughts on them. Most of these items smell very sunscreen-ey, so I think that's one thing to keep in mind when buying this. To some, this may seem like a chemical smell, but to me it just merely is the natural sunscreen smell. As in what sunscreen is supposed to smell like. They chose to not sugarcoat things with two of the creams, perhaps in a bid to make the product attractive to consumers who do not like heavily scented products. So you can expect the two cream products to be unscented and all spray products to have fragrances. All of these products are hypoallergenic, so for those who may have skin sensitivities, or are sensitive to fragrances, this product line provides good choices. 

This is their SPF60 Sun Expert UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Body Shield (Php459.75 or 125 points for full size), and I personally like the flip top packaging because I am sick and tired of all the tube type sunscreens that are so hard to screw and unscrew. This, they claim, is anti aging, non sticky, and paraben free. The anti aging part I can't prove, but this reaally is nooot sticky. This is perfect for everyday use on the arms (especially for long commutes and walks) because this will not feel gunky even not in the beach setting. Perfect for excursions. But I think this is best for the beach setting.  

This may look small on camera but this is 100mL. 

Here is the SPF40 Belo SunExpert Face Cover (Php329.75 or 90 points for full size). Like the body cover, this is also not sticky. This is lightweight and never feels tacky at any point, which I think is very important, especially on children. Personally I find this to be most useful for the beach or pool because I think creams hold better in wet conditions. I like spray type sunscreens, but for long term wet sun exposure, I dunno if it's just me but I feel like cream type ones like this wear off less. I went through a semester of swim class using a cream type sunscreen with minimal damage at the end of the semester, but I ended up with quite a sunburn after just one day of basking in a pool event using a spray type one. Well it's hard to generalize and I do think I can't summarize everything, but personally that's how I feel. That's why when it comes to this and the body shield, I think these two are best suited for wet environments. 

This is 50mL and is SPF 40, perhaps in a bid to somehow balance off the SPF60 body sunscreen. Making it SPF60 might make too strong a white cast, which might not be so desirable for those who want to be selfie ready. 

For those who are looking for something scented in this whole collection, go for their SPF50 Sun Expert Transparent Mist (Php449.75 or 110 points for full size 100mL). This has a light coconut floral fragrance which stays for a few moments before the sunscreen smell kicks in. And then the coconot fragrance comes back. This doesn't smell very sweet so this may be good or bad depending on who is evaluating this. 

This has alchohol in its formula, but it's not like a hand sanitizer in any way at all. The alcohol is like part of this oil-alcohol emulsion/solution that helps to deliver the dry oil. Contrary to the mental images one may have, this dry oil is not sticky, not gunky, and is wispy and lightweight. I find it to be moisturizing, especially because some of it gets absorbed after a few minutes. All that'll remain after a few minutes is a faint trace of the dry oil.  

I think the barrier property of this product will come in very handy for those with dry skin because as we all know, pool and beach water can be drying to the skin at times. There are also some people who aren't really comfortable with the feeling of lotion or cream, so I think that the notion of absorbable dry oil is bound to be a good alternative. This is even more weightless than the body shield and face shield, so this can really be an alternative. This is also one of the products with a fragrance, to those who don't want to fixate over the smell of sunscreen.

Yet another lightly scented product in the roster is Belo's Sun Expert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray (Php529.73 or 150 points for full size 140mL). Perhaps the company reaaally recommends this for kids because if you look closely, this is the only product with "Safe for kids' delicate skin" on the label even if all of the products are hypoallergenic and therefore safe for children to use. 

Personally, I feel that formula wise, this works a lot like the transparent spray. The ingredients list also paints quite a similar picture. This is also an absorbable dry oil with alcohol as the delivery medium. But I think the dispensing method spells the difference with the aerosol presentation this one has. 

Feels wise, since this dispenses in a finer mist, one can reaally take things slowly and be able to apply a thin layer, which I think can really spell the difference when it comes to dealing with finicky kids. When it's on the skin, absorbance wise, this seems to absorb a tiny little bit faster, though the transparent spray already absorbs quickly to begin with. 

This is invisible very very quickly. I just took a photo to show it isn't there even when it was hahaha. 

I wanted to prove I wasn't imagining things so I sprayed both sprays on my desk (which has a plastic cover which will not absorb the products like my skin will do). Indeed, the transparent spray had the oil globules immediately bunch up and separate from the alcohol while this aerosol format made the dry oil globules stay in emulsion form, which I think is better for getting an even application of the dry oil all over. Even as I played and swiped both, you'd see smaller globules form from this aerosol one than the transparent spray one. The transparent spray also has bigger "bursts" of product with each spray, compared to this one that can be used for continuous, even spraying. 

However, this is gonna be the inferior one, if you ask me, if air travel is concerned. Our family has had its fair share of aerosol related mishaps in our travels. Spills and messes have happened, and I've seen contents of some of my aerosol products get degraded after the flight (like mousse that just gives up after the flight and turns into soup). I have no right to stop anyone from buying what they want, but I think that if you're going to another country, the other items in this collection can help you better. This will be better for local trips that involve boat and land arrangements, if I may say. 

Last but definitely not the least is Belo Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen (Php449.75 or 120 points for full size 50mL). This is something that I really want to explore because this has received immense acclaim since its launch. So far I find this to be the most fragrant product of all with its exotic floral fragrance. I wish it came with a flip cap, too. 

When it's out of the tube it's this nude colored cream. It sort of feels like a primer more than it does feel like a BB cream or CC cream. It sets into this matte, pore smoothening kind of barrier. It makes skin feel velvety soft and somehow it feels like it's like a pore eraser, too.

But as you can see, even if I were to tone the lighting down, this still will not magically transform and provide high coverage. I kinda like this this way because at least it's not misleading. Like there are BB creams with sun protection and BB sunscreens (which have coverage that confuse me all the time). It's like every company wants their products to be everything now. The more multipurpose, the better. While this is not good in coverage, I think it serves its own purpose and has its own place in the spectrum of things. This is all about providing sun care that will not leave a ghostly white "mask" on the wearer. I like that it stuck true to the meaning of tinted sunscreen because I know there are people who are looking for products like this. Not everybody is trying to combine makeup and sun care, y' know what I'm saying? Like there are really just some people looking for discreet sun care for their deeper skintones and are not necessarily looking for makeup. So it's good that this exists.

Personally, I think that this doesn't stick on as well as the face shield so if you're going to use a sunscreen for water activities I still think the face shield is the best. This, though, is so luxurious with its fragrance and texture that I see this having the potential of being a very good face primer for daily use.

So yaaay, that's it for this report!!! Get yourselves your samples at before they run out!!!! 

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