The Heussaff's are always our heroes. Be it translating the right thing Miss France said in Miss Universe or making sure we all beat energy gap, they got us fam. 

They are currently the ambassadors for Milo Nutri-Up, Milo's take on the adult market. While this is also sure to help us beat energy gap, this has 30% more calcium and 50% more protein than the original variant to better accommodate adult needs. Perfect for Crossfit and perfect for those who want to build muscle power. The best part is it tastes like our childhood favorite! 

There are plenty of protein shakes out there and for non serious bodybuilders like me, I feel like I don't need the protein levels in them. I would much rather have something tastier like Milo Nutri-Up even if it may not have the protein levels in legit protein shakes... Patay Gutom Mari is Patay Gutom Mari... 

Eneweyysss, I was so honored to have been invited!!! It was a dream come true to see my goddess Solenn and goddess Ellen work out together. I personally idolize them both not just for fitness and beauty, but because they mainly are so good in shutting down negativity online. They know when to keep mum and they know when to call people out. As a blogger, it's that aspect of theirs that makes them the most relatable to me. 

I haven't been in Glorietta for soooo long. I usually don't go to Makati malls because I'm a North girl and the traffic is craaaazy. The North is so well developed that there's barely any major store I can think of that I can't find in SM North, TriNoma, Eton Centris, UP Town Center, or Walter Mart.

The activity center was brimming with people from start to finish as this event was open to the public and with free admission! A lot of people were able to defeat energy gap because of all the pretty and handsome celebrity fitspirations!

The key thing with this is to take it 1 hour before your scheduled workout for optimum results. This is so that you get the optimum benefits, and this is so that this has had time to digest a bit so you don't get a reflux. It doesn't matter whether this is taken hot or cold, just be mindful of the timeframe.

Daniel Matsunaga, who's part of Team Heussaff, was gamely answering questions all day long. A lot of the ladies were so excited to have seen him.

The Heussaffs are cheerful as usual and gamely answer questions from the press and media. My insider friends tell me that Solenn is so fun to work with; she brings a light atmosphere to everywhere she works, which is why she has so many endorsements. That and her ability to be classy and sexy at the same time. I had brand manager friends (handling wholesome brands) who were unaffected by her FHM cover last year because they knew she'd wing it and make it classy and tasteful.

Onstage they are funny because you can feel how much they wanted to defeat each other. Too bad Anne was not here because Nico was!!! Nico is the best husband ever. He was somewhere along the sidelines while this was all happening. I guess Nico is a contributing factor to Solenn's fitness aside from Milo (?)

In case you needed proof that Nico was there, he asked me to take this video!!! This is the kind of husband he is. I went up to him telling how much I loved his social media posts, and I was like "Solenn should realize you're the best husband ever" and he was like "Say it on video Solenn should know!!!" hahahahahah 

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Team Solenn has Ellen Adarna, Dennise Lazaro, and Chienna Filomeno.

To those who are puzzled, they were chosen by the companies behind the event because of their fit image. Solenn didn't choose them. I honestly was bewildered at first because I don't think that these four have uploaded anything on social media together hahaha. So yeah, they were brought together by fitness. Though I think that after all the fun they had at this event they'll prolly schedule a gym sesh together and upload the results on social media. They genuinely had a good time as teammates.

It was so funny to see Solenn boo at her brother hahahahaa 
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There was unfortunately this very bright light near where Team Erwan was standing on onstage, so I couldn't get a good shot of them onstage without the glare. So Team Erwan has Wil Dasovich, Daniel Matrunaga, and Jeron Teng. The two teams are here watching the fitness instructors demonstrate what they are supposed to do.

They're sooooo fiiiiit. Even if I don't think they were briefed on the exact challenges they did, they winged everything. Soooo fiiiiit. Craaaay.

And gahhhh one of my dreams has finally come true!!! I've wanted to meet Ellen for the longest time, so meeting her here was a very precious experience. 
This officially marks the start of my hiatus! So this is one of the few event posts you'll see in the next 2 months. I'm scheduled to attend just a choice selection of events so that I can rest. Hikikomori life is da best. <3 blockquote="">

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