Want to know how intense my backlog is? Well I think "Christmas gift posts in February" is enough evidence already hahaha. I am currently on blog hiatus meaning I want to rest and not accept new projects, but I am still quite busy over backlogs. 

So yaaay thank you Sample Room!!! 

They sent each Beauty Insider with this customized pouch. I had to turn down the brightness to show the embossed logo of SR on the organizer. I gave this to my mom because she has a real vanity area and I thought it'd look nicer there. My blog photoshoot area is a much plainer, technical area full of lights and equipment so this doesn't really suit my actual work area. I don't have a vanity either, just a work area. 

And it'd still work out for her because her name starts with M, too! In our family we're all MP's except for my dad who's OP. All the personalized stuff I get with my initials work for the other 3 members of our family hahahaa

As for this, pen, though, I'm the only one it's dedicated to. 

I did not expect this and I was so touched when I got this! SR works with different bloggers in their Beauty Insider group every year so I thought that this'll be a good souvenir to look back at my work with them when my "reign" is over. 

They also sent this pouch although the contents would be more telling...

All these toiletries say "Sample Room Essentials" and my curiosity was sparked because I am not sure if this is a clue to a possible private label in the future? They work with a lot of sponsors and could have sent items from generous sponsors, but they sent these items. Maybe they're gonna have their own toiletries brand in the future? I don't know. But SR is always very good in surprising all the roommates so we shall see hahaha 

I really appreciated all the personalized items!!! They could've sent over excess items sent by sponsors and yet they took the effort to make sure all the insiders and partner bloggers got personalized gifts to remember them by. <3 

As usual don't forget to visit sampleroom.ph for the latest beauty finds! 

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