Let's go Team Mary Kay! They teamed up with Saladbox's latest box with the perfect product line for summer. Yaaaay!!!  

Mary Kay is proud to unveil its Botanical Effects collection through this box. Dragonfruit extract and aloe vera extract are in this product line for hydration that's refreshing and full of antioxidant power.

I personally was hoping that since they are already doing an exclusive box, Mary Kay could have thrown in a little more items, especially on the makeup aspect. They have really good eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks, and they could have added some more makeup especially that most recipients of this box will most probably be using these items to prepare for Valentine's Day. But well that's just me. This is already too good to be true with Php1447 value stuffed in a box just worth Php500 if you subscribe (to Saladbox's boxes). 

No matter what, kilay is life. I think back then lipstick was the most important item in any woman's beauty arsenal, but it seems eyebrow products are already holding the same importance in most women's priorities... 

They sent in a tube of Mary Kay's Botanical Effects Cleansing Gel. I thought this'll be like a makeup remover kind of cleanser, like a wipe off one, but this turns out to be rinse off. 

It's got a mild but very refreshing fragrance, though I can't say it smells like Dragonfruit because dragonfruits seem to not have a very distinct smell... At least to me... This feels so refreshing on the skin because while it's not cooling as in menthol kind of cooling, the gel format itself has its own cooling properties. This'll be a good partner for the summertime. 

They also sent in a tube of their Moisturizing Gel. 
This is yet another summer appropriate item because it's so lightweight. It's like applying serum or essence, it doesn't feel like the formal notion of moisturizer because of how lightweight it is...  

I wonder what Saladbox will do next. To find out, head on to http://saladbox.ph/ and subscribe to the next box! 

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