And we're back with more EB related posts!!! I often prefer to browse EB in drugstores where I won't be pestered by the sales force. I know it's their job to be present and I know how hard it is to be a sales associate, but I just prefer browsing quietly on my own most of the time. I can do that at drugstores. But drugstore shelves mean that there are often no testers. That's why during the EB Bold Beauty event the other week, I wasted no time swatching away. 

I am smitten by LTD!!! I understand why a lot of you love it so much. The shades are just soooo sophisticated and I love how there is no shortage of nude pinks and mauves. It's always so nice when there are big brands like EB that can bring high end trends to the mass consumer. The shades are so pretty no one will ever guess how little you spent on these babies! 

The texture is also so opulent and rich. It's a mildly sweet scented soft matte lip cream. This is perfect for people who cannot stand the dryness of the usual liquid lipstick. 
During the event, these were the 6 shades of LTD that were there during the event. I think there are 12 shades in total? I have never seen all the shades together in a single drugstore shelf so I am not 100% sure.

And may I say I am digging the matching caps and rims. It helps a lot when you're in a rush and you're trying to look for a specific shade.

Here they are with their shade names! 

And these are my headshots! 

Cashmere Blush
A pretty nude pinkish mauve shade. 

Chocolate Truffle
As the name implies, it's a beautiful chocolate brown with a little touch of burnt sienna. 

Fire Opal
A bright pinkish red. Perfect for those who feel like red is too intense for them. 

Hotel Heiress
A cheery hot pink. Of course this is one of my favorites haha. 

Rich Vino
A rich plummy wine shade. This leans on the pinkish side more than the reddish or brownish side. 

Skinny Dip
A nude pinkish shade. This looks sooo pretty in real life!!! So breathtaking. 

Soo I also got to swatch some of their non-LTD EB Advance Liquid Lipsticks!

Pink Pearl
A medium pinkish mauve. I really see this as a universally flattering shade for Pinays.

Rose Champagne
A muted pink. This is a nice rendition for people with deeper skintones to sport something bright pink. 

Soft Lace
A nude baby pastel pink.