“We are using this phone… THIS PHONE… for the cover shoot,” Pia shares in disbelief during the behind-the-scenes shot of her cover shoot for METRO magazine’s July 2017 issue. 

Expecting to see a full camera setup for a cover shoot, Pia arrives surprised at the sight of seeing well-known fashion photographer, Dookie Ducay, only bringing the Huawei P10 Plus in his hands. “I was so surprised that upon stepping on to the set when we were doing the shoot for this cover, I find out that we’re actually using the P10 as the camera. And I thought they were kidding. But they were serious… No cheating, guys, as in no cheating,” Pia relates.

“I have never done any cover shoot using only a mobile phone so having done this for the first time really excited me,” shared Ducay. “While I may have initial doubts in my head if a phone can deliver stunning photos, I had to correct myself and prove my doubts wrong when I’ve seen how powerful the Leica dual lens camera of the P10 was. For me, it has the best camera for portraiture.”

Watch Pia’s reaction here and see what happened behind the scenes in this video:

This is not the first time that the superb Huawei P-series’ camera technology has been showcased in a professional magazine cover shoot. Fashion mavens globally have taken notice of its powerful camera. The first was taken by Egyptian photographer Khaled Fadda using a Huawei P8, and featured actress and model Tara Emad for Insight Magazine. This was followed most recently in Italian magazine Grazia’s cover and editorials that were also shot entirely with the Huawei P10 Plus. 

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