Are you ready?!!! More liquid lipstick releases are coming from EB!!! They say that they will be releasing this 6 shade stunner in August, or later this year. I reaaally love that they're expanding the range of colors for Pinays to explore. Unlike other drugstore and mass brands, EB explores a lot of the trends and makes really sophisticated shades. And they of course know Pinay skintones very well, so there's that, too. 

This collection is a little bit more matte than their LTD collection, but more moist and easier to remove than their new Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I think the reason for doing this collection is for them to explore more high fashion shades that aren't commonly done by most brands. These colors are very runway-ish, and perhaps it's also another bid to show that for whatever makeup look you want to do, there's EB for that. And I think the other possible reason is that this collection explores shades with a grayish tone to them. The more I look at these, the more I feel like all of them are greyish in nature. 

I have here the shades listed aphabetically! 

And here are the swatches! 

This is a greyish purple. I like how the grey helps to make it feel more wearable. 

A reaaallly pretty greige. Or greyish beige. I know y'all are looking for greige colors in stores, so be sure to watch out for this once it hits the shelves. 

This is a greyish deep red, so it's a very wearable shade. It's not crazy looking despite being vivid on its own. 

A greyish brown. This is also a landmark first for me to see greyish brown to be done by a mass market brand. 

This is a muted pink with a little bit of greyish undertones. 

A muted red. It's bold but not shocking in a bad way. I am guessing they also added in grey to make this this muted. 

Are you excited for EB's latest releases?!!!