"Hey! It's that thingy they used on AsNTM!"

That was my first thought upon opening a giaaant box and discovering that there was a Neutrogena Fine Fairness Mask inside. If you were also watching AsNTM season 5, you may recall this alien mask like thingy that the girls were treated to, somewhere nearing the finale. I watched each episode as it aired so I can't really remember which episode hahahaha. 

And finally, it's safe to say that the Fine Fairness range in the Philippines is complete! In the collection, you can now find cleanser, toner, serum, gel cream, overnight cream, and of course, the light mask. The light mask is meant to help make skin more firm and radiant, through infrared light and red light. Yes, apparently, it's possible! I will explain further down the post! 

Fow now, I want to show how interesting the seeding kit was! 

All the items came in this huge box. In the age of packages being sent through courier, it is very very rare to still see a package this size. I think this was like 1ft X 1ft X 2ft! 

And the Neutrogena is in black and white stickers. 

And the moment you open the box! Wewwww! I was blown away by the styro balls inside! Usually we see paper strips, but the styro ball was on a whole different level of illustrative! The Neutrogena Fine Fairness is all about translucent fairness, like the beauty of snow. 

The rest of the time was spent rummaging through the "snow" and finding out about the surprises! I was told beforehand that Neutrogena would have new products, but I didn't know which products, which is why there was still an element of surprise.

Of course, there was the Fine Fairness Light Mask in the snow! 

I also got a tube of the Fine Fairness Cleanser (Php328). I have yet to try this, but given that it's Neutrogena, I'm excited! My current facial wash is another J&J favorite (aka Clean and Clear), and I actually do have another tube of Neutrogena facial wash of another variant lined up to be used next. 

As well as their Fine Fairness Overnight Brightening Cream (957.50). I already used up one jar of this (I just am dying with so many backlogs that's why a review hasn't happened all this time!) and I love this so much, actually. This cream smells of almonds, which already makes it get 10000 brownie points from me as I love the smell of almonds so much. It's emollient and deeply moisturizing, like body butter but scaled down for the face, but somehow it's easily and quickly absorbable enough to withstand the Philippine heat (aka not sliding off your face). The result is velvety, soft, and refined skin with continued use. Or in other words, fine and fair skin.

To my surprise, they now have Fine Fairness Gel Cream (Php872.50)! Wow! I felt that this (aside from the mask) was the other most exciting thing in the box as I was not aware they had this, too. I love the Overnight Cream so much, but I also do think that a gel type format for the daytime is also something that the market needs. It's just so hot, more so now that it's so absurdly hot this September! I have no idea how or why, but it feels like the middle of April or May when in fact, malls have already started to play Christmas songs. It's so ironic. Since we can't control the weather, we can at least control our skincare choices hahaha.

There's also their Fine Fairness Toner (Php505.50). This is a 150mL bottle, which is why it's priced that way. I know it looks a little small in this photo, but in real life, it looks tall and slender. I take 6-8 months to finish a 150mL bottle of toner based from my past toners, which is why I'm not surprised with the pricing. The cream, I also took a year before I used up the jar wahahaha.

And now the mask! 

So what is it about this IR and red light thingy? 
Spas and very expensive facial care centers have taken a liking to these kinds of treatments as they have been scientifically found to help increase collagen and elastin production. To those who have heard of Beauty Lab Whitening center from other bloggers, you can imagine this mask to be a home service version of the treatments at Beauty Lab. 

And what now with collagen and elastin?
Collagen and elastin are both proteins found in the skin. Collagen serves to give skin structure and firmness, while elastin serves to give skin its elasticity. The generation of both proteins is essential for firm, elastic, and fair skin. 

Korean scientists did a study about infrared light beauty treatments at Yonsei Medical Journal, and from their study, they found that: "Following 6 months of treatment, all patients reported good (51-75%) improvements in skin texture and roughness. Additionally, patients noted fair (25-50%) improvement in color tone of the skin; however, improvements in hyperpigmented lesions were not observed. Objective medical evaluation of the patients indicated that roughness and laxity were fairly improved, but there was no significant improvement in hyperpigmented lesions. Histological examination failed to reveal any differences as well. These results suggest that infrared radiation may have beneficial effects on skin texture and wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastin contents from the stimulated fibroblasts. Therefore, skin treatment with infrared radiation may be an effective and safe non-ablative remodeling method, and may also be useful in the treatment of photo-aged skin. (Lee, J. H., Roh, M. R., & Lee, K. H. (2006). Effects of Infrared Radiation on Skin Photo-Aging and Pigmentation. Yonsei Medical Journal47(4), 485–490. http://doi.org/10.3349/ymj.2006.47.4.485)"

Or basically, they found that there indeed is a link between infrared radiation and the improvement of skin texture and complexion. They also found from the same study that the longer the exposure, the more the two proteins were found in the skin. And no, the brand did not supply this information to me. I myself searched for something more scientific because I didn't want to be swayed by something I cannot find scientific backing for. That's perhaps the effect of being in BS Chemistry for 2 whole years hahaha. 

This is how the contents from the box look. There's the mask and then there's the activator. I thought that the activator was the mask apparatus, but it's the remote control. The activator will do exactly 30 10 minute treatments. It's programmed with the set number of treatments so you really will need to buy a new activator after you've used up your "sessions", just like how you'd buy more mask sheets when you run out of them. The lamp will auto shut off after 10 minutes, so all you need is to sit back and relax during treatments. They recommend doing 1 10-minute session each day. 

There is this mask apparatus with sunglass handles and black eye pieces to make it comfortable for the person.

It looks so futuristic hahahaha. 

This is me during the treatment! I just wanted to show that not all the bulbs of the mask light up during the treatment. That is because there is a mix of red light emitting bulbs and invisible infrared ray bulbs. The red bulbs are for making skin fairer, while the IR bulbs are for making skin firmer (through stimulating collagen and elastin production).

It looks scary, but trust me, it's actually uneventful. It doesn't feel hot at all. If you will also just sit down for the 10 minutes and wear the mask snugly, you won't feel like it's glaring. I only felt such a glare as I took photos like these wahahaha.

I guess the real challenge with this apparatus is to find something to do for 10 minutes. Like I know people might not be able to nap out of fear of over napping. I also don't recommend people to wear this with the intention to fall asleep as you might twist and turn and break the thing while asleep. At the same time, it'd be glaring to keep on taking this mask off to look at your phone or something. You might want to listen to some music, or listen to someone talk. Podcasts might also be a good idea. I don't recommend talking with this on so that your spit won't get onto the product. I dunno, I'm just OC about things like that.

And you can't lie to this thing! Nope, nil, nada! The moment it shuts off, the activator will reduce 1 session from the total number of sessions! You really will have to buy replacement activators once you use up all your sessions.

This is me after the treatment. I was wearing makeup here as I was trying it out just for fun. I thought I did become fairer, but I didn't really want to believe it yet because it might've been psychological.

The gamechanger was when my mom saw me. She didn't know that I had just used this apparatus. Her first comment was: "Did you redo your makeup? Why are you so fair?" 

BINGO! It works!!! When I took this photo, it was like 3PM, and I did my makeup waaay back at 8:30AM. I retouched the powder a little bit at noontime, but she did see me right before using this apparatus and didn't notice anything. I didn't ask her "Do you notice anything different?" or anything to that effect. She just remarked that by herself. And I guess that's the great thing because at least on my account, I can say that this mask can make people feel that you're radiant! 

The starter pack of the mask with the first activator (for 30 sessions) is Php4200, while the "refill" activators are Php1800 each for 30 sessions. This may sound pricey, but given that IR and red light facials can go Php2000 and upwards for each session, this is reaaally a steal as you can access this sophisticated technology at the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost. You can simply think that the initial set is at Php140/session (Php4200 starter pack divided by 30 sessions), and then following that, each session just goes down to Php60/session (Php1800 refill activator divided by 30 sessions). Even if you buy every single thing off of the Fine Fairness collection, it will still end up cheaper than getting red light-IR facials done at spas.

Pre Order starts tomorrow until September 30! This'll be a regular item on Lazada starting October 1! 

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