Sooo I'm sure you've heard of a lot of companies who do personal shopping and the like. A few months ago, I tried My Mall Box, which in essence, is like a personal shopper, but more streamlined for most of us. Unlike the usual personal shopping services here in the Philippines that you're basically talking to someone and have to coordinate everything, with My Mall Box, when you sign up, they give you a "locker space" in their warehouse, and give you that number to that locker. You essentially can order as much as you want and have it in the locker for up to 3 months, and you needn't inform anybody or contact anybody to watch out or await your order. 

For this experience, I tried ordering some items from Amazon and from Colourpop. As with any other shipping service, there are pros and cons. 

After you sign up, all you need to do is to order from the websites you wish to order from, and list your locker number as the address. When it comes to your locker, you'll see it in when you sign in. Like this one. When you have several packages, you can check the boxes, and have them consolidated. By consolidated, it means they will already prepare your items and put them together and pack them in one package that's ready for shipping anytime. As in the items will be taped, wrapped with bubble wrap and foam, and all that. Be sure you already have all the items that you wish to consolidate in the locker before you ask them to consolidate it! Consolidated items cannot be un-consolidated nor re-consolidated.

I made that big mistake of consolidating before the final item came. As such, I had to ship them as two distinct packages. They don't allow you to consolidate a consolidated package with an unconsolidated item, so there's that, too.

The moment that you're ready to ship out, simply check out. 

Add the packages to your cart. 

Once your orders are in your cart, you will be asked which courier you wish to have. For me, I personally found USPS and DHL very limiting, and the air shipping as the only option. I would have appreciated a longer list of couriers, as well as options for sea cargo, especially when we don't need the items urgently.

The address Mari means my house. In this website, there is an account panel where you can encode your addresses and give them nicknames. To make it simple, I just encoded our house's address, and nicknamed it 'Mari.'

So this is the response of the website once your transaction is complete. The rest is down to the waiting game.

My first package came about 2 weeks after I checked out. 

I was very impressed as they used soooo much foam and soooo much bubble wrap for a single piece of highlighter. BTW, this is Maybelline's Master Fairy highlight!!! So happy I finally got this. 

The second package came about a week after that, as it's bigger and they asked for verifications before releasing it to me. I understood why they didn't allow re-consolidation because the packaging was sooo thorough, with sooooooooooo much bubble wrap and foam used to protect the items. 

Inside the white bubble wrap bag is a yet another bubble wrap bag. 

Inside this bubble wrapped bag are four other smaller bubble wrapped clusters.

These are all the items laid out. Soo I have several blushes and eyeshadows and lippies from Colourpop. I also have the Fem Rosa PR Kit. As well as Master Hi Light blushes from Maybelline.

And well, this is where the cons are. Unfortunately, four out of five palettes I ordered came shattered. It was soooo sad!!! I don't blame My Mall Box because as you guys can see, they really took due diligence to encase these items in more than three layers of bubble wrap and foam, which I think are more than enough for the items of this nature. However, Colourpop has a clause that items ordered from forwarding sites, such as My Mall Box, are not eligible for return. So even if I do believe My Mall Box took care of my packages, and it was more of a case of Colourpop releasing palettes that weren't pressed well enough, there is nothing I can do about the situation but to accept these broken palettes. 

I did get a clue that it was more of a Colourpop problem, as one of the palettes already shattered upon arriving to the locker in the US. One of the staff members of My Mall Box told me about it early on and encouraged me to ask for a return, to which Colourpop replied that it was not possible as I was using a forwarding service. And yeah, while I do believe DHL manhandled my package, somehow, how did the Maybelline blushes survive if the package was manhandled so gravely?

But nonetheless, I'm happy that the items arrived so quickly, and that for the rest of the items, I had no problems. The eyeshadows and blushes from Colourpop were all OK. 

Personally, I think that this is a good service if you're ordering small items from the US that are unbreakable. I say small, because the company charges based on both volume and weight. It will also best work for items that aren't fragile, like say clothes, shoes, or stationery, because Colourpop is prolly not the only company that will not accept returns when purchased through a forwarding company. While my palettes were shattered, I honestly don't feel so bad because the packaging was justified. I'd be angry if my palettes shatter and then I discover that the forwarding company did not pack them well. 

So yeah, find them at