Aren't these eyeshadows the prettiest?! They're now on Charis! To those who are curious, Romand is a brand formed by Saerom, a top influencer in Korea. The brand is really all about versatile products that have a transformative effect. The packaging is also to die for!!! 

Until October 31, 10% off 1 palette ($29 from $33.29), 25% off if you get both ($49.99 from $66.64), plus FREE SHIPPING from me!!!

The palette has two shades: Glam Day and Temptation Night. Glam Day, as the name implies, features neutral browns as well as golden and amber shades perfect for everyday. Temptation Night, as the name also implies, is the palette designed for night events, with purples and more intense browns.

These are the swatches for Glam Day. I'm just like super busy and all, but I really want to be back with my own swatches!

And these are the swatches for Temptation Night.