Joining the bandwagon today! Been seeing a lot of bloggers post about Rucy's Vanity, and I've of course been curious about their products. Rucy's Vanity, in essence, is a private label brand managed in the Philippines, but the products are made in Korea. If you'll try to search the Korean hashtags, and to search the Korean blogosphere, nothing comes up. But if you search English names and hashtags, sooooo many things come up and there are so many reviews from Philippine blogs. 

The brand is popular for its BB Cream, powder, and lip tint, and today, I'm going to show you guys what they sent. 

First off, they sent in their Liquid Eyeliner. 

They also sent in their Lip and Cheek Red. 

As well as their mascara. 

They also sent in their popular 2 way cake. 

And their whitening body lotion which smells soooo good. The whole package smelled so good because the fragrance was wafting from this tube!