Oh my gulay!!!! I feel really bad for the delays in this post! I have just been so busy as of late, and mainly it's because of renovating my work room. Work room renovations mean hauling items out nonstop, and it also means not being able to use the room while paint and floor jobs commence. It's a hard time, but I'm just grateful to have work done on the room as it's not yet optimized as a work room in many aspects.

Okaaaay, so back to the original topic! These are the newer items from Silkygirl. Despite not having Philippine social media accounts, the brand has been releasing items in the Philippines steadily over the last 2 years or so. Thus far, I have seen Silkygirl at Landmark and at Robinsons Supermarkets, and there is probably a long list of other retailers that sell their products.

Sooo, they sent in their Silkygirl Magic BB All In One Powder Foundation.

Cute pink packaging! Although it breaks my heart that one of the compacts suffered a crack. 

They also sent in four new shades of Silkygirl Go Matte lipsticks! The original Philippine lineup consisted of 5 gorgeous shades, and this time, they decided to add in 4 more reddish themed shades. The red one in the first release is really pretty, and it got a lot of good feedback, so that's most probably why they have more spinoff red shades. 

This got stuck in the pipeline, unfortunately, because life happened and termites ate my workroom. But these are Silkygirl's Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm sticks. They're really bright and cheery, and this time, unlike their Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm which are satiny in texture. 

They also sent in their Matte Junkie Lip Cream, or essentially, their liquid lipsticks. I love this collection so much because the shades are so beautiful! I love how the nude shades are sophisticated, but with the right amount of cheeriness to make any look more polished. 

I really apologize for the delays!!! I really hope to be back soon with more reviews. I reviewed my reviews, and I kinda realized that I have yet to make a lot of them hahaha.