"Sooomedaaaay my prince will coooome!!!"

That is what basically will go through your head when you watch Ballet Manila's Snow White! If you happen to not live in a cave and have heard about how epic Ballet Manila's Cinderella was, then this is the next to the installment of epicness. But to be fair, epic in terms of production value, given the opulent set design and very detailed costumes. Because on the other hand, Swan Lake was epic in terms of technicality and dance discipline. Ballet Manila's Cinderella and Snow White charm the audiences and bring them to a fantasy world, while their rendition of Swan Lake really shows what ballerinas spend 12 hours a day in the ballet studio for. 

Before everything, there are still 2 shows coming this weekend! 6PM on December 2, and 3PM on December 3! Be sure to get your tickets from TicketWorld while you still can! 

Unfortunately, the traffic was so bad last Saturday that I only made it in time for Act 2. Act 2 mainly features the apple scene. I find it so amazing that Katherine Barkman is the lead again, because honestly, I still feel so tired for her with all the jumps and spins she did for 3 hours during Swan Lake hahaha. 

So here we are with some stills!
Abigail Oliveiro is the evil queen, and in here she's prepared the poisoned apples for Snow White.

Snow White is enticed by the apples

Snow White takes an apple

And of course, as predicted, much to the joy of the evil queen, Snow White 'dies'

The 7 dwarves deeply mourn her loss, as well as the animals in the forest
Snow White's family wallows in despair at her deathbed. 

Snow White is awakened by true love's kiss!

Snow White is finally cured by true love's kiss, and the dwarves are overjoyed.  

The dwarves get ready for Snow White's wedding with the prince

The animals, and Snow White's family, are happy witnesses to the wedding 

The beautiful finale 

Hats off to the performers who performed with masks! 
So yaaay, those are some stills! It was reaally a magical production, and I feel that much praise deserves to go to the dancers who had masks on, like the dwarves and the animals. It must have been
really difficult to get used to dancing with limited visibility. Of course, as usual, Katherine Barkman brought the character to life with a pure and sweet aura, and at the end of the day, with impeccable ballet skills.

Be sure to watch next weekend's shows!

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