Manila, PhilippinesFor many couples, nothing can be more inspiring than to plan for that special day. Equally, nothing can be more heart-breaking than continuing to face challenges to keep those dreams beyond reach. In a heart-warming video released on February 14, HSBC makes a dream come true for an extraordinary couple who triumphed and overcame all odds to walk down the aisle.

Moises and Shara’s story is one of great perseverance and faith. The couple had been together for seven years, and as with any other, nothing could be more exciting than the prospect of finally being able to tie the knot. Throughout the years, the couple attempted to plan their wedding multiple times, but what with Shara’s growing financial responsibilities with her family and Moises needing to resign from his job due to an accident, the special day always remained elusive. 

Despite all this, the couple persevered and finally set their wedding to happen on December 2017. Before joy could fully settle in, the couple faced yet another set-back: Shara was diagnosed with a tumor in her neck. Most of the couple’s resources were pooled together to begin Shara’s treatment and yet again, their special day seemed beyond grasp.

Committed to helping people succeed and see their dreams come to life, HSBC made the dream wedding of Moises and Shara possible, and on February 3, the couple finally became Mr. and Mrs. Santos. “At HSBC, our ultimate goal is to empower people like Moises and Shara to realize their ambitions and dreams. We are driven by our long-term commitment to seeing people prosper despite any of life’s challenges and our promise is to always be there to help our customers succeed. It was our privilege to be able to help a couple that had such an inspiring story, and to continue building relationships with our customers and seeing them thrive,” shares Kris Werner, SVP and Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management for HSBC.

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