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Gasp!!! I'm shookt!

Who knew? The very affordable Nivea Soft Cream was hailed to be even better than its expensive counterparts as a moisturizer! BBC's 'The Truth About Looking Good" did a test on which moisturizers worked best, by measuring which one actually lifted up the moisture levels the most of a test group. 

Nivea's Soft Cream was pitted against Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion and Embryolisse's Lait-Crème Concentré. Participants were split into three groups and were asked to apply moisturizer on one half of their faces for three weeks. The participants were not told about the brands of moisturizers they used, and were just sent home with plain containers, with the creams concealed as cream A, B, and C. When they came back and had their moisturized sides measured, Nivea emerged as the true winner! In terms of injecting water to the skin, only Nivea and Clinique managed to do so. The two also managed to change how the skin felt like. To everyone's shock, the most expensive one, Embryolisse, came in last in this test!

And now, what spelled the difference? Humectants. Humectants are the ingredients that hold onto water in our skin. One of the most common ones, of course, is glycerin. The more glycerin there is in a product, the more hydrating it will turn out to be. Instead of being distracted by price tags, consumers can get better value for money by seeing the rank of glycerin in the ingredients list.

Surprisingly, none of the three products tested improved skin health, or the overall barrier of the skin against dryness and irritation. This finding, to me, just shows that skincare should really be done on a daily basis because your skin only benefits when you constantly nourish it with the right ingredients. I like to personally tell people that skincare works a lot like how vitamin supplements do. The moment you stop taking vitamins, you stop benefiting from them. We all know that we cannot drink one whole bottle of vitamin capsules in one day because our body will end up expelling the excess within days (or a day), and that once we expel it, we need to take it again to be nourished again.

So to sum it all up, wow, just wow! Who knew the best moisturizer was this affordable? Nivea Soft Cream only costs Php251 for a generous 200mL tub that will last the consumer several months.

And, I also learned the difference between Nivea Creme and Nivea Soft Cream! Turns out, Nivea Creme, the one in the tin cans, is a water-in-oil emulsion. What this means is that they embedded water droplets in oil, such that your skin is nourished first by the oil, then hydrated by the water. Nivea Soft Cream, on the other hand, is an oil-in-water emulsion. What this means is that there are oil droplets in water, such that your skin immediately is able to absorb the product through the lightweight water phase, and gets nourished later on by the oil content. What a discovery for me!

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