Gasp! Mediheal is in the Philippines!!! RM's favorite mask brand is here, and the best part? Same pricing as Korea! AND! Y'all can get it at Watsons and SM The Store. ARMY's may recall this Allure interview wherein RM shared that his skin is often dry, and that he occasionally suffers from acne. When asked about his favorite skincare brand, he quipped: "My favorite brand is Mediheal, and it has a variety of sheet masks you can choose from after a long day of work." So THANK GOD the brand is now here, and we can get creamy skin like RM! He may just be feeling insecure and all coz of being an idol, but honestly, I find his skin to be so creamy and velvety. I am totally sold on anything he prescribes because the results show, especially in this age of HD videos that we can zoom on our smart TV's and big screens. 

The collaboration boxes they have in Korea are sooo pretty!!! Gah! 

For those who are already excited that an RM-endorsed brand is here, rejoice further! They are already hinting at the arrival of the BTS collaboration collection! Be sure to like and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages!!!

Okay, so getting down to it, this is their brochure. I'll also share their product and price list. 

Their products and SRP's:
  1. N. M. F. Aquaring Moisturizing Ampoule Mask EX 27mL (Php149)
  2. I.P.I. Lightmax Brightening Ampoule Mask EX 27mL (Php149)
  3. Collagen Impact Anti Aging Essential Mask EX 24mL (Php99)
  4. Teatree Care Anti Acne Solution Essentia Mask EX 24mL (Php99)
  5. H.D.P. Pore Stamping Tightening Charcoal Mask EX 25mL (Php149) 
  6. W.H.P. White Hydrating Charcoal Mask EX 25mL (Php149)
  7. D:NA Proatin Hydrating Mask Aquaring 25mL (Php149)
  8. R:NA Proatin Mask Whitening 25mL (Ph[149)
  9. N.M.F. Midnight Moisturizing Capping Pack 15mL (Php149)
  10. W.H.P. Shower Brightening Capping Pack 15mL (Php149)
  11. Piggymom Soak Soak Blackheads Remover Nose Pack 6g (Php129)
  12. Aloe Vera Soothing Hydrogel 300mL (Php245)

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