Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner Review Flatlay
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner 
What?! This is just my second review of the year?! Yes, even I am so sad!!! I have been so busy with work as of late, that even if I wanted to, I just couldn't keep blogging activities at usual pace (that of course includes reviews). I'm actually still working double time on my flatlay backlog, so I'm really sorry for the inactivity in the past few months. I really feel so bad about it! 

In dealing with all these backlogs, for the past month, or even longer, I have been spending long hours in my hot work room writing, shooting, and editing. I do have an AC unit in my work room, but given that it's soooo hot 24/7, it's just not possible to open the AC for all the times it's hot. Our electricity bill would skyrocket if I tuned it on all the time! In short, I think it's safe to say that after 3 weeks of using Cream Silk's Fresh Hydration conditioner in such conditions, it's safe enough to give a verdict now. 

Of course, off the bat, this is an exciting addition to the family for Elisse and McLisse fans alike. Though this is a limited edition item, this is promising because this is Elisse Joson's first hair endorsement as far as I know, and for your first endorsement to be Cream Silk, it sure does feel good. For die hard fans, and for mortals like me enthralled by her goddess like beauty, this is hopefully a good sign that we'll be seeing more of her in Cream Silk product stickers and tubes once the limited edition run of this conditioner is up. 
This conditioner has 3 SKU's. So there's this 180mL tube.
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner 170mL Pack Shot Against Shell Background
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner 170mL
And the 170mL tube is here beside the 340mL tube. There is also an 11mL sachet for this variant, though not pictured.
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner Comparison Photo of 170mL and 340mL Pack Shots
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner 340mL and 180mL
This is how it looks like once squeezed out of the tube. Texture wise, this is fluffier and lighter than the usual Cream Silk rinse off conditioner. If you have used Dove's Oxygen and Nourishment before, this behaves a lot like the conditioner of that range. If there is whole cream milk, this feels like the skim milk edition, with a less heavy formula. Fragrance wise, this is soooo good! This smells like a tropical oasis version of Dry Rescue. Once your hair dries after using this, it will smell a lot like Dry Rescue, but fruitier. The lasting power is also great, because I can still smell the fragrance faintly, even at 12-14 hours after usage. The fact that my hair doesn't smell like grease after a hot day is also another feat of this conditioner.
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner Squeezed Out Of Tube
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner When Squeezed
This is me right after using the product for the first time! My first impression was that my hair was bouncy and full of volume, which usually doesn't happen with most other conditioners (with Unilever-mate Dove Oxygen and Nourishment being the only other exception). The difference between this and Dove Oxygen and Nourishment is that somehow, if I don't obey the shampoo-conditioner combo, the results are not as optimal as I want them to be (as when the combo is used, the results are phenomenal). But with Cream Silk Fresh Hydration, I can use this with any shampoo and get steadily good results each time. I am very happy that despite how sweaty I can get in the afternoon, and after my morning workouts as of late, my hair does not get too greasy, and still has generally a good amount of volume and bounce throughout the day.

For this month, I attended a lot of nighttime blogger events, and that meant sweating in my workroom all afternoon long before going to the event. I liked that even if I was sweating all afternoon long, once I got to my evening event, my hair generally still looked and smelled fresh. Of course, hair that has dried from sweat is less volumized than freshly washed hair, but I'm already thankful. Usually, in the summer, by night time, my hair already looks as if I had applied pomade on it, due to how chunky and shiny it becomes!
Mari Perez posed with Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner 340mL tube
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner First Usage
This is how I look after about 3 weeks of continuous usage. Generally, I have been spoilt by volumized and nicely bouncy hair all month long! When I use this in conjunction with a little hair serum in the afternoon, I can get nicely fluffy but shiny hair like this, even in the evening. Hair is not sticky, even in the extreme heat and humidity of April! I think I can safely say that as far as my hair is concerned, their "Up to 24 Hours Fresh Feel" claim is true. But of course, this is subject to the hair condition and environment of each user, so I am not proclaiming it like it's the law.  

However, I will be realistic that if your hair is bleached, this will not provide the conditioning your hair needs. As I've mentioned in my past posts, my hair was bleached blonde in September 2016, and I just dyed over it in February 2018 and went back to being a brunette. Due to the veeeery slooooow pace of my hair growth, there is still about 3 inches of bleached hair on the ends. That's how I noticed that somehow, when I use this conditioner, the dry patches from the previously bleached parts still make a special appearance. I thought about noting this because this does not happen when I am religiously using Cream Silk's other products, especially their Triple Expert Rescue range. On the flipside, I super duper highly recommend Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue for resurrecting bleached hair, because that really is one of the few saviors of fried hair.  

I guess the summary is don't bleach your hair unless deathly necessary so that you won't have to deal with a lot of crazy hair behaviors like what I've dealt with hahaha
Mari Perez posed in restaurant to highlight hair
Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner After Continuous Usage 
Overall, if you have virgin hair, or basically hair that hasn't been bleached, you will surely love this! This is a lovely formula that will inject lots of volume to your hair not just for the summer, but for the whole year, assuming they continue this variant after the summer. It's got a lovely fragrance as well, and of course, a lovely muse on the tubes.

As someone with bleached hair, I still enjoyed using this because of how volumized my hair was. And my hair smelled soooo good all day that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Moving forward, I will just need to alternate this with heavier conditioners, and to go back to my usual routine of using weekly treatments. But this is something I can clearly see having a permanent place in my routine until stocks run out.

For those who want to try this as well, find this product at all leading department stores, beauty retailers, drugstores, and online at Lazada! Sachets are Php6.50 each, the 170mL tube is Php109, and the 340mL tube is Php197.50.

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