Flatlay of Limited Edition BTS X Mediheal Mask Sheets
YAAAAAAAAS!!! Mediheal is reaaaally reaaaally here! BTS' favorite mask brand is truly here! 

I dunno, but a few months back before this day, it was really not that easy to be able to visualize having BTS themed merchandise in stores, let alone have something that they endorse. I dunno why, but the Philippine distributors of everything they endorse don't seem to be using their promotional materials. But not for Mediheal! They're giving fangirls a heart attack as they brought in the whole range of mask sheets that BTS loves, as well as the special collaboration boxes! 

This event was the launch of the brand in the country. And yes, this is still part of Mari's great backlog crisis of 2018. 

This is in my vlog! Check it out! 

Everybody was really excited to be gathering at SM Makati! SM Makati was also where they did their BTS popup store (more on that later on this post), which is why we were excited to be seeing all the fun stuff.
Site of Mediheal X BTS Event Launch

While waiting for the program to start, they were handing out suuuuper cute miniature samples of their NMF and WHP mask sheets! I've tried both and I love them! What I can say off the bat about Mediheal is that their sheets are thicker than other brands' sheets, which is why it stays put in place better. Thicker sheets also somehow make it less messy, because the thick sheets are able to absorb a lot of serum without dripping, unlike what'd happen if the sheets were thin.
Miniature Samples of Mediheal NMF and WHP Masks

Managers and high officials of Watsons and Mediheal were very happy to be bringing the brand in. Mediheal is a brand backed by scientific research done at Seoul University, and its concept is that everybody can have good skin at home without expensive treatments, thanks to the safe and powerful mask sheets they have. They have sold over 1 billion mask sheets already! Craaaaaaaay!!!

Jared De Guzman, Watsons Group Category Manager shares his joy at the arrival of one of Korea's mask sheet strongholds to Watsons. As you guys are aware of, Watsons is working hard to build its KBeauty section by bringing in the real K beauty brands that actual Koreans are obsessed with.

Mark Dean Lim, Marketing Manager for Genson Distributions Inc, shares his own excitement on bringing in the brand. And of course, he's as excited as all the fangirls over the BTS merch! Whether you're a BTS fan or not, their special edition boxes pack a lot of value for money, so there's a reason to be happy for everyone. 

Here are the key people to thank for bringing Mediheal, and Mediheal BTS collection, to the country! Eugene Yap, Genson Distribution Inc President, Diane Yap, Genson Distributions Inc. VP, Jared De Guzman, Watsons Group Category Manager. Mark Dean Lim, Marketing Head Genson Dist Inc and Janelle De Leon, Watsons Assistant Category Manager.

A lot of girls asked if they could take this standee home because like omg who would not want to take a standee like this home?!
Standee of BTS With Their Limited Edition Collaboration Masks with Mediheal

In March, they had this popup BTS store to make it easier for fans to get their BTS fix. And so that they could take nice photos of the setup!
Location Photo of Mediheal X BTS Popup Store At SM Makati

Every fan must've also wanted to take this panaflex signage home. I mean who wouldn't?
Mediheal X BTS In White Outfits In Light Up Panaflex Signage

The boxes are soooo pretty!!!! And they pack a lot of value! Each box retails for Php1250 with 10 mask sheets and 14 photos from their BTS photoset! The boxes are loaded with 5 masks worth Php149 and 5 masks worth Php99 each, bringing the mask total to Php1240. So at Php1250, it's just like adding 10 pesos for a special BTS box and BTS photoset! That has got to be the cheapest BTS photoset in history wahahaha.
Mediheal X BTS Masks Limited Edition Boxes On Display On Shelf

Be sure to check out the K Beauty and mask sections at SM Beauty and Watsons stores to get your fix of Mediheal! This was taken at SM Makati, right after the event.
Mediheal Masks At Store Shelf At Watsons SM Makati

And yaaaaay selfie time!!! I missssssssssed Andy sooooooo much. I haven't seen her in ages prior to this, that's why I really missed her!

Same is true for Jean, who thankfully is no longer the skinniest Jean (ehem), because now I don't look so different beside her huehuehue

I want Isha to send Sky to Korea to be a Kpop star! I think he has the makings of one!

Weeeee! I also missed Mikki as I haven't seen her in so long. Mikki's too busy with her businesses I think...

Okay, so for the important details! 

www.watsons.com.ph will have all four boxes of MEDIHEAL x BTS—Hydrating Care, Brightening Care, Moisturizing Care and Soothing Care. Each box will retail for Php 1,250, which is considered a steal considering that the mask sheets usually retail for Php149 each, and that this is a special box with a photoset included.

All regular mask sheets can be found in Watsons outlets near you. 

Till the next Kbeauty kilig event!

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