Andrea Brillantes for Careline Kiss Sticks

Say hello to Careline Kiss Sticks! And more importantly, say hi to Andrea Brillantes' first official TV commercial! I haven't seen this ad on TV yet, but I hope I get to see it sometime soon as the TVC is just so cool!

This is in my vlog! Check it out! 

Careline's new Kiss Sticks come in 12 shades, and just cost Php175 a pop!  
Careline Kiss Sticks

The Sugar Factory quickly got jam packed with all the attendees. From a blogger's perspective, Ever Bilena and Careline events are always jam packed because there is extremely high public interest in these brands.

Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong was the host, and beside her here is Andrea. The place was so jam packed that these photos were taken from the 2nd floor of the place. Many apologies if they're not exactly optimal...

Andrea shared how excited she was to finally star in a TVC. While she does endorse quite a number of products, this new campaign with Careline is her first TVC. She shared that it was especially hard to shoot the balloon popping scene at the end of the ad. I'm imagining that it must be so hard as well! It'd prolly be so noisy, and to get the perfect take, they must've had to do it over and over again with a lot of balloons...
Angelia Ong and Andrea Brillantes at #CarelineKissParty

Miya Inomata, marketing manager for Careline, shares her excitement over a lot of things. Of course, there are the Kiss Sticks, Andrea's TVC, and generally they are just so happy to be facing the public in this event as a rebranded and face lifted Careline. They underwent a total brand revamp last year, changing a lot of the packaging, the creative direction, and adding in new offerings to match the needs of today's young market. They also created the concept of Careline's Girl Gang, a group of girls who best embody the spunk of the new Careline, which is of course led by head Girl Gang member Andrea Brillantes.
Andrea Brillantes and Miya Inomata at #CarelineKissParty

Things quickly got wild and crazy as they had a hunk model kissing contest. Two teams had to wear Kiss Sticks, kiss the model's white shirt, and the team that makes more cumulative kisses wins. What a game hahaha...
Kissing Game at #CarelineKissParty

It was so nice to meet Andrea!!! She's really so nice in person, and she's super sweet.

And with Raf!

And Mae and Helen...

Till the next Girl Gang gathering!!!

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