Club Clio Rouge Heel Velvet Lipsticks

So many exciting things to look forward to at Club Clio as of late! For one, as this flatlay shows, their Rouge Heel Velvet lipsticks are now here! The lipsticks come in 10 beautifully intense shades, inspired by the sultriness of sexy stiletto shoes. These lipsticks also aim to have a creamy and luxurious finish. I am still drowning in my backlogs, and am dying to review these because they are sooooo pretty. But baby steps, baby steps!!! We'll get there too somehow. 

Even the vlogs!!! I will definitely be uploading the footage from this event, as well as the reviews!

This is in my vlog! Check it out! 

Another piece of good news! Their Nudism cushion is now here in the Philippines! This new cushion promises to give a natural coverage, with their hexagonal particle technology. The hexagonal particles seamlessly adhere to skin for a natural finish. To add, this is SPF 50! Very good for practical girls, coz the sun is always gonna be there 24/7...
Club Clio Nudism Cushion

The packaging is also so sleek and cute. I am totally living for this wahaha. This also promises to give a velvety, no shine finish, perfect for the Philippine weather. 
Club Clio Nudism Cushion 

And of course, I know y'all went wild coz Edward Avila came over for Club Clio not too long ago! Lots of his fans hurried to hoard Club Clio to be able to get a pass to this event. 
Club Clio X Edward Avila Event

Club Clio X Edward Avila Event Display

The lovely emcee! 
Club Clio X Edward Avila Event Emcee

Of course, the moment Edward arrives, the crowd goes wild. And of course, the thing he most naturally does is to whip up his camera and film the audience's reaction.
Club Clio X Edward Avila Event Ment

He quickly settles in and starts to remove his makeup. He wanted to demonstrate how he does it on himself, so it was a fitting choice to do this. The whole time he was talking about makeup prep, he was raving about Goodal's Green Tangerine line. The product line was so raved about in Korea that he himself couldn't get hold of them. It was so ironic that he only got his share when he got to Club Clio's Philippine outlets hahaha..\
Club Clio X Edward Avila Event

He also shared that the basic sponges all Korean stores have are flying off the shelves, thanks to PONY. The most mundane sponges are now the talk of the town thanks to this time that PONY used them for her tutorial. She took one of the sponges, sprayed them with a mist (you can use something like Goodal's Green Tangerine mist), and used it to blend in her foundation.
Club Clio X Edward Avila Event

People have long been using wet sponges, but it didn't register back then that even the cheap disposable ones can do the trick when inundated with face mist instead of just water. We've been buying beautyblenders and beautyblender dupes all this time not realizing that these are good! In case y'all were wondering, these are the sponges he was talking about...

Club Clio Makeup Sponge

Another interesting tidbit he shared was that apparently, for brushes, most Korean artists lean towards using flat foundation brushes. Then they tap the brush a million times on the face of the person, akin to what one would do with a BB cushion sponge, to get an extremely flawless finish. He shared that there are rumors that B1A4's Baro takes 3 hours to have his makeup done because Baro's makeup artists takes a significant amount of time to pat on the foundation until it is perfect. 
Club Clio X Edward Avila Event

He also shared about how in love he is with Club Clio's oval paddle brush. He shared that while this is not the most preferred choice in Korea, he loves these and finds these to be convenient to use.
Club Clio Paddle Brush

I wasn't able to stay put for the whole event as it was my nephew's baptism that day and I was to be his godmother. I don't have a selfie with Edward coz I left earlier! But I'm still happy to be able to see him and learn new tricks from him. I found it amazing that his devoted fans in the audience could answer all his questions, and would even remind him of things that he did in his videos that he forgot. It was definitely so nice of Club Clio to have treated his fans to this.

Nonetheless, I have a selfie with Juvy and her relative!!! 

And with Raf! 

Till the next K-Beauty Adventure!

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