Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Head On Hair Strong Class 

A first in Doll Up Mari history! Well, normal selfies are too boring. So let's do an upside down photo today, shall we? This was my first time to try an aerial silk class in my whole life, and while it was dizzying, it was an interesting experience. But why aerial silk, right? I'm sure that's what you're all thinking.

If you guys saw this cool commercial of Cream Silk online, it will become clear why we were made to try aerial silk! The aerialist's hair looks so graceful while she's in motion! And thanks to Cream Silk, there's bound to be little to no hair fall that will need to be swept after the aerial silk session. I'm sure y'all get conscious as well about the sheer amount of hair fall we all have on a daily basis. I often need to sweep around my computer chair because of all the fallen hairs. The struggle is real.

Cream Silk has been here for over 30 years already, and Cream Silk's Hair Fall Defense has been around for a long time as well. But, the difference this time is that these conditioners are now equipped with Break Shield Technology. Aside from the core Hair Reborn formulation in all Cream Silk variants to bring back hair to its most beautiful state, Break Shield Technology is specifically targeted towards reinforcing weak and brittle hair, for less hair fall, of course. But the scent that we all love stayed the same, so for those who use this as their signature hair scent, worry not! 
Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Pack Shot

We had a little photoshoot station outside the exercise room at Beyond Yoga. Unfortunately, I didn't have the right garb like the other girls! I still wasn't officially enrolled in a gym, and was exercising in whatever clothes I had on at home, I didn't have a lot of athletic wear now. I hope I'll be as chic as this lady next time around...
Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Head On Event

As we only did a short aerial silk session, our instructor taught us the basics. We tried a little inversion, some leg raises, as well as the basics on how to hang onto the silk. It was interesting because you're scared and not scared at the same time when you're inverted.
Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Aerial Silk Session

As for me? Well, I really need all the Cream Silk help I can get. Y'all know that my hair is 50% thinner than before due to damage brought about by excessive coloring. So I know that it'll take at least a year of no coloring and religious haircare routines before my hair starts to get back to its old state. But at least as far as this photo goes, it's as if I have no hair problems hahaha.

Did you guys attend their powerclasses? Cream Silk hosted various fitness classes in the metro for their fans and followers who signed up. I shared those in a past post, as well as on social media. If you went to one, how did your classes go? 

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