Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge Winners Trisha Mortero (Cycle 2) and Min Ortiz (Cycle 1)

Coz I'm so late at blogging this, I'm sure y'all who don't live in a cave already know that the crown has been passed to Ever Bilena's new Big Beauty Challenge winner! Congratulations Trisha Mortero! This year was extremely competitive, with the best of the best creating out of this world looks for each round. The trend of high caliber avant garde entries, I think, can be attributed to last year's winner, Min Ortiz. His crazy finals entry blew everyone away, and the video, as far as I know, went viral on a lot of pages. People were so shocked at his skills, and the fact that he was able to pull off such an intricate look with homegrown favorite Ever Bilena. As such, the bar was set extremely high this year, with a lot of preliminary entries already being finals level.

Ever Bilena executives had a very very hard time to choose the winner, as everyone was just way too good. But of course, as with any other contest, someone has to emerge as the winner. And that is Trisha. Check out her winning entry here!!!

It was a quiet afternoon at Flossom when I came, because most of the contestants hadn't arrived yet hahaha.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge 

Contestants more or less already had an idea that there will be a live challenge, as they were asked to bring makeup. When they see this setup with their name-cards and mirrors, the pressure will become real.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge Finalist Table

Today's host is Christel, marketing manager for Ever Bilena. Here she's interviewing Katherine Catiis. Katherine, if I remember correctly, shared about how she heavily relied on prayer throughout the competition. She also had struggled to gather the funds to be able to make her entries. People often think that videos are all fun and games, not realizing that it takes so much infrastructure to be able to produce good content... I really see where she's coming from.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge Finalist Katherine Catiis 

Christel speaks to finalist Lenie Aycardo, as Lenie is quite an interesting finalist! Her boyfriend Hajie was also a finalist for this year's competition. She shared that while it's not easy, they leaned on each other for support in this competition, despite being rivals in this case.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge Finalist Lenie Aycardo 

Christel interviews Kon this time. Kon was among the earliest to arrive. Something unique I noticed about this roster of finalists is that they have all become good friends. Yes, there is a competition, and everybody of course wants to win. But I see that they are able to have a healthy level of competition and be good friends with each other.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge Kon 

Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge Finalist (at this point!) Trisha Mortero 

Not long after the interviews, the live challenge began!!! They were asked to remove their existing makeup, and were given 20 minutes to complete a new look. Watching this part was interesting because it really brought out the resourcefulness in everyone. There were a lot of people who put Ever Bilena's liquid lipsticks into good use, using them as blush, eyeshadow, lippie, and face adornments as well.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge 2 Live Challenge

This was also interesting to watch because you can see who are more naturally creative. Everyone who sent in entries had some inspiration from somewhere, or a peg that they followed. And they were of course able to rehearse and research before filming, and had lots of leeway to edit things. So it was apparent during this impromptu challenge as to who are able to come up with a look that's creative and original.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge 2 Live Makeup Challenge

Before they announced the winners, Min gave a word on his experiences as last year's winner, and advice to this year's finalists.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge's First Winner Min Ortiz

And finally, our winner! From left to right, there's Christel, Olive, Trish, Min, Denice, and Trish's family.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge 2 Winner Trisha Mortero with Family ad EB Executives

And here are the winners! Olive (overall marketing director) is leftmost here. Katherine Catiis won a special award, Hajie Alejandro is 1st runner up, Trish Mortero (the champion of course), Zjhay Taupan is 2nd runner up, and beside him is Denice (key accounts manager) and Christel (marketing manager) at Ever Bilena.
Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge Winners 

Selfie time!!! I was about 15 pounds heavier when this photo was taken, and somehow, I can feel it now hehe.

Selfie with Miya (Careline marketing manager) and Min!

And selfie with Denice and Maj (makeupinmanila)!

To be honest, I no longer know if this competition can even get more intense than it already is. This year's competition is already so fierce that I often think about if it can even get any fiercer than it already is. But for sure, whoever joins next year will wow us all. Somehow, someone will still be able to blow us away even if we've already been blown away by the past 2 years' entries. 

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