Feast at Hanamaruken

Now that it's so rainy, PAG-ASA should not only declare the start of the rainy season, but also the start of ramen season. I mean ramen is something that we crave for all year round, but going for ramen on a stormy day really just hits the spot. No one likes excessively stormy weather, but at least we can try to feel better about it with ramen.

Thank you so much to Hanamaruken for this fambam treat! 

For those who really want something sinful and a fusion dish of laksa and tonkotsu broth, then their Ebi Ramen (Php580) is for you. 
Hanamaruken Ebi Ramen

My mom was totally in love with their Double Egg Oyakodon (Php290) as the flavors are mild but harmonious. I for one totally love the jiggly poached egg on top! Most oyakodon served in restos will only have beaten egg on top of the chicken, and often they don't get the right consistency. Hanamaruken is one of the few places that knows how to get it right.
Hanamaruken Double Egg Oyakodon

If you're into more fresh tasting gyoza, then why not give theirs a try? Sometimes, the gyoza in restaurants are obviously factory produced that the shapes are too perfect, the skins are too perfect. Hanamaruken's gyozas (Php240) are each made with love.
Hanamaruken Gyoza

The Chicken Karaage (Php380) is also something I forgot to mention! Totally sinful, and with an equally sinful sauce...

On the other hand, nothing much needs to be said about their Happiness Ramen (Php580) because it's already so popular, and the name itself already says a lot about what it will bring to the diner...
Hanamaruken's Famed Dishes

Am totally craving for their food RN! Must go back soon!!! 

P.S. I know I entitled this post 'FamBam Time' despite not uploading any photos of my family. I'd just like to say that we all went together because I otherwise would not be able to consume all this food. I just happen to have a very very very camera shy family... 

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