Lazada Live videos are always so fun to do!!! After doing this second one, I'm now heavily considering a career in home TV shopping hahaha... This time, I did a live with Genzel. 

I did take some BTS footage of what goes on during a Lazada Live, but the vlog has yet to be edited! So I wanna share first the live video we did to feature Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Unnudes! Superstay Matte Ink is a reaaally good product line of Maybelline that it can easily be put to a live test, all because there are no camera tricks needed to make the good points of the product shine through. For one, it's so long lasting that even when Genzel and I had coffee, a sandwich, a doughnut, and noodles, the product still stayed put! Even when we were talking like crazy, it also stayed put. When I got home, I didn't take it off. I then filmed two short dance videos, attended mass, had dinner, attended our priests' farewell party, and even after that my lipstick was still there! It's crazy. 

This livestream is part of this vlog. Check it out!

And I also just wanna share some photos we took with L'Oréal managers and Rap (the broadcast technician at Lazada) after the live. It's always so fun because we're always just laughing. Even behind the scenes, there's a lot of joking going on. And there are also a lot of whispers on what Maybelline will do next. The future is exciting for Maybelline!!!

Till the next live!!! 

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