2017 Blogger Christmas Gifts

It's back! Mari's backlog crisis of 2018! So far, so good with 2018 events. I don't have any pending event posts anymore, and I finished a looooot of flatlays, but I still have 10000 reviews and feature posts to go. This one included!

Although half a year late, better late than never right? So I wanted to take some time to give thanks to the brands who had sent Christmas gifts over. 

First off, thank you to CBTL for the planner!!! This is the planner I use right now. Half a year in, I can attest that I totally love the design and layout, although it's a shame I haven't used any of the coupons inside yet! My cholesterol became so high, remember? That's why I have been trying to be mindful about café drinks consumption as a whole. 
CBTL The Giving Journal 2018

AVON also sent in a whole Santa sack of goodies! I will be revealing the gifts in another post very soon. But again, thank you so much for remembering me, AVON! 
AVON Santa Sack

L'Oréal Hair also sent in a lot of goodies during the holiday season, and while they didn't mark these specifically as Christmas gifts, that's how it felt like anyways. Coz like the whoole Ever haircare series is the best! I am able to delay the need to recolor for up to 3 weeks when I use this, and it does so much to curb the damage of hair color! As fo the Fashion Ultra Lights, I'm still looking into maybe asking a friend to model for me as I dyed my hair black in February, and intend to not dye my hair again until at least February next year.
L'Oréal Fashion Ultra Lights and L'Oréal Ever Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner

Morgan Taylor was also super sweet to have sent over a baby bottle of wine, a cute calendar (not pictured), and a mini nail polish set! My mom and sister loved this gift because I'm under Gelish system (Morgan Taylor's gel sister brand) and do not use nail polish anymore. I also do not drink wine so...
Morgan Taylor Selfie Collection Mini Set 

From the bottom of my heart, even half a year later, thank you to all the brands who sent presents over! 

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