AVON Christmas Gifts

See! Seee! I told you that the Santa sack that AVON sent needs a post of its own! 

Thank you so much again, AVON, for graciously sending over that the whole family can enjoy. I know it's sooo late to be blogging about this, but better late than never right?

I got tumblers!!! I super love these because my protein shake shaker just broke recently, after 6 years of faithful service. I needed a tumbler that was wide enough that the shaking spring could fit inside comfortably. I tried putting in the spring in all our other jugs and tumblers, but nothing worked. This was the one that worked like a charm! Though these are not 100% leak proof nor spill proof, this is a highly recommended item for those who have protein shakes as well.
AVON Tumblers

They also sent in a very healthy amount of makeup!!! And a looot of face powders, which is why my mom is squealing with delight (yes mom is obsessed with pressed powders as she gets irritated with the dust from loose powders). 
AVON Makeup

They sent in this bag as well. 
AVON Ladies' Bag

And this suuuuper cute stud earrings set to represent each Zodiac sign! In real life the studs are really tiny, making all of them super dainty and adorable. 
AVON Zodiac Stud Earrings

My favorites are the perfumes!!! The little black dress fragrance series just smells sooooo goood. The scent is so sophisticated that people would assume that you're wearing a super expensive perfume. As someone who uses perfumes at an exponential rate, I highly appreciate the quality and price points of these fragrances. 
AVON Little Black Dress Lace

AVON Little Black Dress

For the kids, they also sent in a Spiderman watch! 
AVON Spiderman Watch

And a Disney Princess Projector watch for little girls. 
AVON Disney Princess Watch

For the guys, they sent in this lovely watch and bracelet set. 
AVON Men's Watch and Bracelet

As well as this set of a wallet, a belt, and a coin pouch. 
AVON Men's Leather Goods Set

Once again, AVON, thank you for all the treats for my family!!! 

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