This was a flatlay I did soooooo long ago!!! And this was a post scheduled to come out almost 2 years ago, but well, life happened and I got super busy over lots of things. I finished university, went back to Japanese language school, took on a job, subsequently left said job, and 10000 other things. 

This post is really just for me to have as a remembrance or like some sort of chronicle in this blog about this time I got the Althea Line Friends box. I love Line Friends so much that when Missha did one, I was scrambling to find the reputable sellers that were stocking the collection. I was so happy that Althea did because I was confident that my order would be safe, compared to if I had ordered from another website and needed to go to the post office. This has long been sold out at Althea, more so that even Missha Korea has already ended this collaboration quite some time ago... 

The moment you open the trademark Althea box of happiness, this is what greets you! 

Missha X Line Friends Althea Box

I'm living for these cute Sally sponges!!! 
Missha X Line Friends Cushion Sponges

They also added in a free sample of Missha Time Revolution. I got one full sized bottle myself not too long ago and I hope I could review it soon enough.
Missha Time Revolution Sample

And here are the other things. As always, what I love about Althea is that each item is individually wrapped modestly, as in just right for the item's needs. And just the right amount of tape. Because it's so frustrating to go through a package and having the need to go through 10000 layers of tape before getting to the item.
Missha X Line Friends Althea Box

And here are the other items! 

There's the Sally Sebum Zero Sunscreen. 
Missha X Line Friends Sebum Zero Sun

As well as the Cony Poptastic Jelly Tint. 
Missha X Line Friends PopTastic Jelly Tint

There's also the suuper cute Brown Magic Cushion! 
Missha X Line Friends BB Cushion Box

This cushion was what convinced me to get the whole box because Brown is just soooo cute!!!
Missha X Line Friends BB Cushion

They also added in an Oil Control Hand Mirror...

Missha Mirror and Blotting Sheets

Missha Mirror and Blotting Sheets

And a suuuuper pretty Line Friends Lip Rouge! 
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Missha X Line Friends Lip Rouge

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Missha X Line Friends Lip Rouge

There's also Tint Remover....
Missha X Line Tint Remover

And all the eyeshadow palettes are to die for!!! 

The packaging is waaay tooo cute for my life! 
Missha X Line Friends Eyeshadows

And the actual eyeshadow shades are also super cute!

Finally, after so long, I was able to post about this haul...