Happy 40th, AVON Philippines! At this point, I think it's safe to say every Philippine household has a resident that is either a past or present AVON lady. My mom herself used to be an AVON lady back then! I also just filed in my application to be an AVON lady at this event, so once that's done, I'll also be an AVON lady. 

Why are there AVON ladies everywhere? Simple. AVON brings in good, wholesome money. My mom would recall that she was able to save up for quite a lot of things thanks to selling AVON during her younger days. With the inflation rates going crazily high, and the prices of all consumer goods skyrocketing as of late, it's a relief that AVON remains to be a steadily good source of income. They provide you a 25% discount so the margins are good, and more discounts once you become a sales leader and recruit AVON ladies under your wing. They throw in a lot of incentives and rewards, and unlike most direct selling companies these days, you need not shell out on a specific amount of products to apply as an AVON lady. You only need to pay for your catalogues. This is why if you're thinking of doing direct selling in light of the wonky economy, AVON is a highly advisable company to apply for. 

Be sure to look out for their next recruitment caravans at Sequoia Hotel on September 6 and 7, at Megatrade Hall on September 13 and 14, at Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu on September 14 and 15, and at Apo View Grand Hotel Davao on September 21 and 22. 

This event is part of this vlog, Check it out!

Okay, here's what happened at their event! for one, they had a product booth that displayed their top categories. AVON's strongholds include lingerie, fragrance, makeup, and body care. 

They are very proud to be introducing Mark to the market! This is AVON's new sub-brand, and for me, I find this as the middle ground between their Simply Pretty line and AVON core makeup lines, in terms of age range and pricing. The products are young, but leaning more on the college students and yuppies side. With that targeting in mind, the product lines reflect the makeup tastes of a modern makeup generation. With their contour sticks and powders, as well as their lipsticks with built in primers, the product line is obviously courting the next generation of AVON makeup addicts. 

Of course, they just had to have a table full of their fragrances. By the time I got home, I had already sprayed on a dozen different fragrances because everything smelled soooo good. The Sheer Passion range has the feel of Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works, but at a friendlier price point! And it has even more exotic and enthralling fragrances! I could not help but sniff myself incessantly after spritzing their Sheer Passion fragrances. 

I'm also enamored by the newly Liza-approved Sweet Honesty Bloom. I like Sweet Honesty, but I just personally prefer that Sweet Honesty Bloom smells brighter and muskier.

For those who wish to be white and fragrant, their Skin So Soft Ultra Glutathione has yet to be beaten as the best smelling glutathione body product I've ever sniffed! Gluta products usually smell like papaya soap, or are given fragrances that smell too medical or scientific. This one has a very enthralling musky fragrance, one that's sure to turn heads.

They also have their AVON Nutra Effects glutathione range, and their AVON naturals papaya range, for those who want a holistic whitening experience...

If you want a light cream for everyday use, but often find the powdery type creams to be difficult to control (caking wise), you'll like AVON True Nutra Effects cream. The cream is lightweight, easily absorbed, and is able to brighten skin without needing the help of a powder additive in the product. Most tone up/brightening creams these days only lighten thanks to powders infused in the creams, so this is special that it can do without powder.

It was very busy the whole time, and yes, if you were wondering, the interest levels for AVON lady applications are still high!

AVON ladies and management staff of AVON Philippines were much delighted when global CEO Jan Zijderveld graced the event, alongside other key executives from AVON's Asian offices. It's as if a celeb walked into Palacio de Manila!

They also had serious sales discussions and they talked about AVON's bestsellers, so that the newbies would know which items should they focus on. The powerpoint slide was waaay tooo small, even in real life, so I zoomed it in so I could read it! I thought I'd share them here, too, so you guys know what to try first, as AVON does have a lot of products...AVON's top sellers are: 1.) IMARI Seduction EDT, 2.) AVON Be Romantic Spritz, 3.) Skin So Soft Glutathione Hand and Body Lotion, 4.) Feelin Fresh Quelch Glutathione Whitening Ani-Perspirant Deodorant,  5.) AVON Naturals Papaya Cleanser, 6.) Simply Pretty Smooth & White Dual Powder Foundation,  7.) AVON Perfectly Matte Lipstick

Of course, what is an AVON event without dancing to the official AVON theme song?

And for those who are curious, this is how the application form looks like! I thought it'd be so complicated, but it turns out to be simple and straightforward. You only need to fill in two pages, and have your ID photos ready.

Happy 40th, AVON Philippines! Here's to more AVON ladies to come! 

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