Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons

I swear! It's like stepping onto a French garden, even if I'm in the Philippines! Indeed, the French take their perfumery so seriously that we often see French perfume variants for fabric softeners. I consider myself highly privileged to have tried out Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons. The perfumery by Yuri Gutsatz goes waaay back from 1975, and today, the brand stands for creative freedom in fragrance arts. Le Jardin Retrouvé is proud to be an independent fragrance house in a world of fragrance behemoths that churn out cookie cutter fragrances.

Their Les 3 Petits Flacons for women set consists of 3 mini samplers of their top fragrances for women. Each bottle is 15mL. Just to be extra detailed, here are the scans of the outer packaging. 

Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Packaging Scan Front

Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Packaging Scan Back

It came in a luxurious lime green box!
Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Box

And the bottles are obviously nature themed with the wooden caps. The design of the bottles is minimalist, and given the 15mL size it's very practical for travel. A lot of fragrances come in really fancy bottles that sometimes are too bulky or delicate to put in a suitcase, so this is thankfully compact and easy to store. 
Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Box Interiors

Let's talk about each fragrance! 

Rose Trocadèro smells like a rose garden, and is refreshing and energetic, like how it should be. But if one is to talk about just roses, I think you all get what I mean that there is a fancy perfume kind of rose and real rose kind of fragrance. To put this into perspective, it's a fresh smelling rose, and leans more on the authentic smelling potpourri side than the fake rose side. There's also a musk background to this fragrance that gives it this sort of baby powder freshness, even without it smelling like baby powder... 

Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Rose Trocadèro

Tubereuse Trianon is unique to me as I originally do not know what tuberose smells like. To me, at first sniff, it smelled like fresh jasmine. Apparently, the company describes this as 'tuberose mingled with jasmine and ylang-ylang', so that explains the jasmine smelling part. For me, this was the most lightweight in terms of scent, and also the most succulent smelling. Like I could imagine stepping into a garden very early in the morning, when there is still a lot of dew. It's like the embodiment of a fine spring day in a bottle. 

Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Tubereuse Trianon

Verveine d' Eté was the most woody smelling to me, and also the most citrusy. Users have described this as verbena with lemon and bergamot, with a tiny bit of eucalyptus in the background. While it also comes off as bright and sparkly like the other two fragrances, this has a mysterious feel to it. It smells like stepping onto a garden right after some rain... 

Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Verveine d' Eté

Each bottle is only 3.5 inches tall, with the bottle cap included, which is why this is a highly recommended set for travel! This is also perfect for taking with you throughout your day as you undertake various activities. 

Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Fragrances

To show a size comparison, this is how compact the box is beside me. And please, do not ask me to choose a favorite because I am enamored by all the fragrances! While I love rose a lot and do own rose fragrances of my own, I can't point rose as an immediate favorite because I liked the freshness of the tuberose one, and the mysterious vibe to the verbena one. 

Posing  with Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Box Set

Definitely, I can say that each fragrance is an authentic take on the plant it's based on, and does not come off as fancy or cookie cutter-ish, like what most big fragrance companies produce today. There is this rawness and realness to them, that makes them special. 

Enjoying Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons

Indeed, it's like stepping onto Paris' scenic spots, even without leaving your house. There's a cheery feeling whenever I sniff these fragrances. To add, I feel like these fragrances are unique in a way that the smell is "clear". I feel like most big brands today churn out fragrances that have too many ingredients going on all at the same time, that the fragrance comes off as cloudy. There is a complicatedness to them, and a heavy feel. The fragrances from Le Jardin Retrouvé  smell simple and clean (no pun intended to Utada Hikaru on this one). 

Posing with Le Jardin Retrouvé's Les 3 Petits Flacons Rose Trocadèro

Definitely, we should be having more fragrance houses like this in Manila! We need more artisanal fragrances like these. 

For the interested folks, click here to get your own box of Les 3 Petits Flacons for women. Each box costs 105 Euros. They shipped my box all the way from France, and I picked it up from the post office. I paid a Php112 transaction fee to claim my box. 

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