Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Review and Swatches

Finally! I am reviewing this!!!

I've had Anastasia's Sweets Glow Kit for ages, and have been loving it for the same amount of time, too. As you all have known by now, given how many backlogs I have uploaded in the past 3 months, that there really were so many things that I wanted to upload but could not upload due to having a deadly schedule in my past job. I'm glad to finally be able to review this for you guys!
Shade Selection: This palette is a nifty one, with four shades that mostly come in handy as highlighters. There's Marshmallow that's the 'basic' pearly white highlighter, and then there's Butterscotch and Taffy which both can be used as light blush or blush enhancers with their hues. Sassy Grape is what I use when I want my look to be a little more interesting with the whole purple aurora thing going on. This palette more or less is enough for most people who use highlighter everyday.

Color Payoff: The shades show up just right. The different colors show up well enough that it makes sense to come up with these four shades in a palette. But they are also light enough that they still are highlighters and do not feel like eyeshadow. I do use these a lot for eyeshadow, but it's for highlighting as well.  

Pigmentation: Definitely, Anastasia is the gold standard in pigmentation. The overall look is an immaculate glow. Some brands are just too chalky but barely have any shimmer power, so the net result is the makeup looks cakey with all the powder highlight without actually having any measurable glow. This is packed with so much glow power that you only need a thin sheer layer to blind your enemies. You can of course build it up to a more opaque coverage, but if you still like the feeling of seeing your skin, this is a good product to work with. 

Texture: If you're after luxuriously velvety highlighter, then yes, this is also the gold standard. This is not the most buttery or soft highlighter out there, but once you swipe it, it glides on smoothly. It is also relatively put together despite having a lot of shimmer particles in it. 

Ease of Usage and Blendability: This is definitely a dream to blend. This is also easy to use as this works well whether you use brushes or not. The colors show up quickly, and the glow also comes on quickly, so you needn't exert any effort to make this product show up. In fact, it's so pigmented and blinding that you only need to use a small amount everytime and take care to not apply too much. 

Longevity: Thus far, this has stayed put on all day, provided that I also use decent foundation and powder. If my skin oils up quickly, like any other product, I cannot expect this to stay put if I keep on blotting and re-powdering all day. But this is one highlighter I trust when I need to do something important. I have used this for my graduation photo, my actual graduation, and basically anything else where I needed a good highlighter I could count on. 

Value For Money: I remember getting this for Php2700 from Look Cosmetics, which at the time, and now, still sounds steep for four highlighter shades. But given the size of each pan (each highlighter is 7.4g), there really is a lot of value for money because relative to how much highlighter we are actually using each day, each pan is already about at least a year's supply of highlighter. 

Overall Feedback: This is pricey, but worth every penny. I initially hesitated to get this for a long time because of the pricing, but after getting it, I have no regrets. This really gives you an immaculate glow that only a few other brands can give. The overall effect is as if you slept a full 8 hours, even if you didn't. This really is the secret key in getting that extra dimension to every makeup look. I personally haven't been contouring as hard as I did before as I got more in love with highlighting. 

Now that that's done, here are the photos!

This is how the sleeve and the palette look like: 

Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Packaging

Upon opening, this is how the pans look like. There are names below each shade. I really appreciated that this palette is magnetic, and that there is a hole beside each pan so you can comfortably take out the pans without breaking them. You can take out the pans to add to another palette, or interchange this with other pans you may want to add in instead. 
Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Palette

Up close, this is how it looks like:
Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Palette Zoom

And let's get down to the shades! 

Your basic pearl white highlighter, but this one comes with a champagne colored hue. On a normal day, this is the shade I use the most as it's mostly neutral and will match most of the looks I'm going for. 
Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Marshmallow

Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Marshmallow Swatch

Before Using Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Marshmallow

After Using Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Marshmallow

A true champagne colored shade. I use this when my blush is too peachy and I want to balance it out with something more yellow and a bit mellow. 
Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Butterscotch

Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Butterscotch Swatch

Before Using Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Butterscotch

After Using Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Butterscotch

A light rose gold shade. I actually have used this as blush, and it works! This is the shade I used for my graduation photo. This is also the shade I use a lot as a blush enhancer. 
Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Taffy

Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Taffy Swatch

Using Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Taffy

Sassy Grape
As the name implies, it's a pretty purple toned highlight. It's got this whole purple aurora concept going on. I don't use this often for highlight and instead use this more as eyeshadow.
Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Sassy Grape

Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit Sassy Grape Swatch

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