I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again. THE SUN IS OUT THERE 24/7!!! 

Sunscreen ads usually feature families frolicking on the beach, or near the pool, and it's easy to get blindsided and forget that the sun is out there ALLLLL the time. Sunscreen application should be daily, and in fact, if you work long days, you may need to reapply within the day to stay protected. To add, sunscreen essentially makes your skincare work the way they should Even if you slather on so much skincare, the progress you make will just be pushed back by sun damage. So by using sunscreen, you actually end up getting more of your money's worth on what you spend on skincare. 

The Kojie San brand team seems to be psychic that their team thought of sending a kit a little while back, even when summertime was over! In this post I'll be showing the items I got!

Kojie San thankfully has a complete sun exposure spray routine. So there's this Before Sun Spray, which comes in handy as it's SPF50.

And then there's their After Sun Spray. This is espeeeeciallyyyy important if you have foreign guests coming over. We've already had several foreign guests who ignored our warnings about the sun, thinking it's the same as in their country, only to be badly sunburned. We don't really think of it, but our country is closer to the sun as it's near the equator, and as such, the sun's rays indeed are stronger here than in temperate countries. So there really is merit as to why foreign guests get sunburned here pretty easily. It's important to have Aloe Vera, whether the real plant, as aloe vera gel, or sprays like this, to handle such a situation. 

I got super excited when I received this bottle of body sunscreen from them! It's SPF69PA+++! I got excited because I use up sunscreen so much these days as I usually apply sunscreen on any body part that will not be covered by clothing. More often than not, I apply sunscreen like body lotion already, and just apply liberally everywhere. This is why I'm in constant need of a healthy supply of sunscreens like this one... 

Another ineresting find is this sports sunscreen! I have been working out a lot these days due to my high cholesterol, and I've always been worried that all the sweating must be making my sunscreen wear off. I feel like I can achieve better peace of mind in that aspect with this product. 

Last but definitely not the least is a tube of face sunscreen. I have used up like 3 tubes of face sunscreen this year and am bound to finish even more, so I appreciate this a lot. 

So yaaay, that's it for this haul! Till the next one... 

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