Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ (Shade 101) Review

Another cushion review!!!

I have here Moonshot's Microfit Cushion, which has become one of my faves. Aside from the healthy supply of YG idols on the ads, Moonshot really just comes up with high quality products, which is why it's no wonder why people love the brand so much. 

Shade Selection: There are three shades for this, namely 101, 201, and 301. Korean brands generally are limited with shades, but it's nice that their 301 is a bit deep enough to fit medium skintones. My shade is 101, which is like the shade 21 in most other brands. 

Color Payoff and Pigmentation: This cushion's coverage is more on the light side. You can expect this to cover light blemishes and to even out skin tone. But since this is generally light to medium in coverage, if you want to cover a really dark discoloration or blemish, you will need a good concealer for that. I personally like this a lot because it looks very natural to use for everyday. It doesn't have a mask like effect because of its sheerness, which I think helps to save time because sometimes if the coverage is too extreme, we end up using way too much time just blending the product out. 

Texture: This has a lovely dewy texture which I love so much. It doesn't look oily at all, but it gives you a beautiful glow with its dewyness. Some cushions are too matte, while some look too oily (especially in hot weather), but this one is at the perfect balance of making skin look dewy without making it look cakey nor oily. This really does give a K-pop star feel, and it's easy to achieve the flawless and glowing looks most celebs have with this cushion. Versus other cushions, there is an X factor this cushion has that makes you look like you have star quality. 

Comfort: This not only has light coverage but also a very lightweight feel. It's like wearing nothing. Given how hot and heavy the climate is already, it's nice to have a product like this that doesn't add any more discomfort to the discomfort the weather causes us everyday. 

Longevity: If you intend to use this in the Philippines, you'd need to retouch every few hours or so. In general, this lasts about 8 hours or so (with retouching), but is not 100% lifeproof. There's bound to be some fading on the T-Zone no matter how much you retouch. 

Value For Money: This was sent to my by Charis, and right now, it's out of stock on Charis so I don't remember how much they stocked this for. You can find this however on StyleKorean at the moment and it's Php1198 (was originally Php2064). This is not the cheapest cushion out there, but it's also reasonable enough as it's priced similarly as Korean competitors. Since traditional cushions get used up so quickly, I think that their tube versin foundations are what I'd like to invest on next. 

Overall Feedback: This cushion offers a natural looking coverage and an immaculate glow and aura. It's also among the most lightweight and comfortable I have tried. This is not what I'd use on a really long day, but this is something that I like to use whenever I want to have a natural and healthy look. 

Now that that's done, here are the photos! 

This is how the cushion looks together with the box. 

Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Cushion and Box 

For this cushion they had a lovely holo design going on for the boxes. 

Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Box Front

And here are the instructions and other product information: 
Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Box Rear
As seen here, this is shade 101 and this cushion is SPF50PA+++

Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Box Top

This is how the cushion compact looks like:
Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Cushion Compact Front

And how the rear looks like: 
Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Cushion Compact Back

And this is the sponge that it came with: 
Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Applicator Puff

Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Applicator Puff Front

Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Applicator Puff Rear

And this is how the swatch looks like. I'm MAC NW20 for reference. 
Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ Shade 101 Swatch

And this is the cushion in action! 
Using Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++ in Shade 101

As you can see, it provides a flawless, poreless, and dewy look. 
Zoom In After Using Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++

This is how it looks like after I've finished a full face of makeup. 
Full Face Of Makeup After Using Moonshot Microfit Cushion SPF50PA+++

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