Today's review is also another post that got stuck in the drafts list for way too long. But by all means, please don't ever think that it's because this product is not good! Neutrogena Fine Fairness cream is something I love sooo much, and would definitely repurchase again and again. It sometimes just happens that when work or other life events overlap so much, there are drafts that get stuck. 

Before any other delays, I'm reviewing it right now already. Let's get started!

Packaging and Scent: This comes in a generally plain double walled jar, but what I like is that the jar is very, very durable. I have dropped this jar many many times in the many months I used this cream, but never was there a crack anywhere, thanks to the durable double walled packaging. The scent is also soooo good!!! This has a light almond scent, so if you're fond of almond jelly, you're bound to like this a lot like I did.

Product Texture: This cream is more on the thick side, and is more on the mousse side. It's got a velvety whipped texture, and doesn't feel wet or sticky like what some creams might come off as. It's luxuriously emollient.

Hydration vs. Oil: This is a heavily hydrating cream, but as it's on the heavier side, it may also make skin oilier. There is a reason why this is an overnight cream and not a day cream. On my oily skin, sometimes it felt a little too oily, but in general, on most nights, I found it highly nourishing and hydrating.

Skin Texture Refinement: After finishing the whole jar, I feel that my skin became more velvety soft, and pores did get a bit smaller overall. Despite it being called an overnight brightening cream, the effects don't really show up overnight. You'd need to use this for at least 2 weeks to be able to feel results.

Radiance Boost: Definitely, this has some magic spell in it that makes you have a great glow the next morning. The name brightening cream definitely was given justice to, and for other people who have dull skin like me, you will definitely love how this gets rid of dullness. 
Value For Money: This sells for Php958 per jar on Lazada, and can be found in Watsons and leading department stores. It took me almost a year, to use up one jar, although I do use other creams as well for review. A person who will exclusively use this cream will take about 4-6 months to use up one jar, which I think is in the mid range. This of course is not the cheapest cream in the market, but for the results it can give, I think that it's worth a try for people with dull skin.

Overall Feedback: Overall, I'm thoroughly happy with this cream, and I liked that it's a brightening cream, not a whitening cream. It tackles quite a unique issue in a market that is saturated with whitening products Brightening is different from whitening, as in my case, wherein I'm really white, but with really dull skin. I don't need to become more white at this point, instead, my skintone needs to be less sallow and needs to have more glow. I think people who have the same problems as I do will highly benefit from this product. 

Now that's done, here are the photos! 

This is the box exterior. 

For reference, this is how big the jar is: 

And this is how the cream looks like :

And that's a wrap! For my fellow dull-skinned girls, be sure to check this out the next time you go to the mall! ;)

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