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We were all having a quiet Saturday, when Ever Bilena decided to drop the hottest palettes for Q32018!!! Their tweet from awhile ago says it all!!! I'm living for all the copper themed palettes, and the new face palette. OMG OMG OMG kyaaaaaaaa

Okay, I thought I'd add in some other recent products in this post! I've featured most of these on Instagram, but when I backtracked, I realized I hadn't featured the items here on the blog yet. So I thought I'd put them together in this post so y'all can see them in all their glory.

First off, Kris' Ever Bilena collaboration has churned out liquid lipsticks!!! Anyone who doesn't live in a cave is already a fan of Kris' Matte Matic lipsticks by now, as they have taken the beauty world by storm. Now, the Queen of All Media's new release is sure to delight even the pickiest customer.
Ever Bilena X Kris Matte Liquid Lipsticks

This. This is what I'm living for.

Gahhh I am sooo happy they decided to churn out EB Advance Lip define lipsticks in rare nude shades!!! Most brands tend to just play around mauve and play safe too much with dusty rose nudes. But they took a leap of faith with this one and came up with a lot of autumn themed sienna and ochre shades. What's not to love? They're sooo pretttyyy!!! 

In case you wanna order now, from left to right, the shades are: Buff Brown, Dusky Rose, Exposed Nude, Neutral Mocha, Raw Burgundy, and Stark Mauve. 
Ever Bilena EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick

If you thought it can't get any better than that, they also released their Matte Nudes Lipsticks not too long ago!!! The best part? This collection also features brown nude shades that are not commonly explored by other brands. They also have coral based nudes, which makes me soooo happy because local brands usually won't do anything coral. 

For those who wish to purchase, the shades, from left to right, are: Amore, Baci, Bellissima, Caramello, Dolce, and Fia. 
Ever Bilena Matte Nudes Lipsticks

For those who are obsessed with getting the best brows, they also have new eyebrow pencils. But for this new release, the key feature is the new paddle brush. I find this to be such a practical purchase because even if you finish using the product, you can still go on to use the paddle brush for eyebrows or for applying lipstick. 
Ever Bilena EB Advance Brow Define with Paddle Brush

They have also been upping the ante as of late, and have served underserved makeup needs by releasing a comprehensive contour collection. So they have here their sculpt and strobe sticks. 
Ever Bilena Sculpt and Strobe Stick

And then they also have here their new contour palettes. Back then, I think they released a contour duo, and that their face palettes do have contour shades, but they expanded the collection and added these. To add, this palette is famous for having more neutral and yellow toned shades, which is such a relief given that most other brands have contour powders that are too weirdly orange. 
Ever Bilena EB Advance Contour Palette

Sooo excited for Q4, because this post just has Q2 and Q3 and these ain't even everything they released!! 

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