Much love to my BFF Den, who is the Marketing Head for N.Cat right now!!! I'm sooo busy right now with work and blogging that I usually can't catch up with everything my friends are doing, but I'm so proud of my BFF Den for revitalizing the brand's image in just a few weeks time. I dunno if it's just because I'm usually monitoring what my friends do, but I feel that people are paying more attention to N.Cat now, all thanks to my BFF (and her team)'s hard work. 

Den and her team sent over a lovely box of cute N.Cat accessories, so in a rare occurrence in the blog, I thought I'd model them! ~Model~ sounds so legit, because more often than not, it's color makeup I am working on, and I'm swatching them, not modelling them hehehe... 

N.Cat has been here for so long that I'm certain most of you already have to know about it. But in the case you don't, it's a Korean accessories brand full of cute trinkets. Definitely a top choice if you're looking for gifts for a friend, as there are tons of styles, and there's bound to be something for every type of taste. Also, for K-pop fans and K-drama, it's a great way to cop your favorite star's look without spending the actual thousands of dollars they spend!

Okay, so lemme show you the items I got!

First off is this pair of lovely waterfall earrings!!! Definitely a must have if you're trying to emulate K-pop star looks in your own OOTD's.

As you see, they bling it on, but are still small enough to not be overpowering on the overall look. 

Speaking of waterfall, I also got this lovely pair of gold waterfall crystal earrings, but this time with a chain accent. 

Personally I'm not such a fan of yellow gold, but I know a lot of other people will find this cute. 

For those who are not after the girl crush concept, and are after items that really exude cuteness and innocence, maybe something like this will complete your OOTD's! 

See, see!!! It looks so demure on me kekekekekekeeeee

For those who are into subdued Korean tastes, this pair might be what you're looking for! I do have friends who are specifically buying Korean accessories because of the minimalist vibe a lot of brands have. N.Cat is one of the brands that has minimalist and flashy selections, so yes, again, believe me when I say you can find a gift for any kind of friend at N.Cat. 

If you need just a little bling, or a dainty touch to complete an outfit, you can try going for baby dangling earrings like these. 

They also sent in a cute ring!!! Gwargh!!! 

And a very elegant necklace as well... 

In case you were wondering, N.Cat also sells hair accessories, not just jewelry! 

For store information and any other burning questions or curiosities, be sure to check out their Facebook page!  

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