New Items from Silkygirl

It's always sooo exciting whenever Silkygirl has new items! The Southeast Asian beauty behemoth always knows how to impress, as the formulations of all their products are always geared towards extreme tropical conditions. Plus, their shade selections are always on point when it comes to Southeast Asian consumer preferences.

Silkygirl has been in the Philippines for more than two years now, if I remember correctly. It's just that they didn't have a grand launch here; they just silently crept onto store shelves. I know their products are a bit hard to locate, so thankfully, they now have a store location list on their website so it's easier to find a location near you!

Okay let's get this haul started.

First off, Silkygirl has new cuuuuute shimmer duo blushes!!!! More and more brands are churning out blush duo combinations, as they're more practical and economical. It's like buying 3 blush shades all at once, which is so important given our super scary August 2018 inflation rate.

New Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blush

The blushes come in suuuper pretty shades so y'all just have to see it! BTW, each blush is Php329. 

This is shade 01-Cheeky Peach. It's got a cute coral pink shade, as well as a peach shade. 

Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blush Cheeky Peach

This is 02-Blushing Pink, which is a combination of two very cool toned baby pinks. 

Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blush Blushing Pink

This is 03-Rose Petal, which I know at first glance looks very similar to Blushing Pink. This is slightly warmer, and the dark pink shade is darker than the dark shade in Blushing Pink. 
Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blush Rose Petal

And this is 04-Sunny Glow, which I know has already caught your attention because this is something that's bound to be flattering on morena skintones. This will surely make you look like a sunkissed goddess! 
Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blush Sunny Glow

They also have their new Skin Perfect O2 Liquid Foundation, which comes in four shades. They're SPF30, too. Each tube costs Php329 as well. Silkygirl is doing very very well in Singapore and Malaysia, which are known to have hot climates as well, which is why I'm excited to see how this'll work. 
Silkygirl New Skin Perfect Foundation

Last but most definitely not the least, they now have BB Cushions! Their BB Cushions are Php675 each, which, off the bat, is so affordable for a cushion. Here's the poster they sent!

Silkygirl BB Cushion Promotional Poster

I'm uber excited with the "formulated for asian skin" indication, because while BB cushions are Asian in origin, not a lot of cushions are able to withstand the heat of tropical countries. I hope this is the one!
Silkygirl BB Cushion Box

The packaging is so clean and sleek! 
Silkygirl BB Cushion Box

Look at this!!! It's so elegant I'm swooning. 
Silkygirl BB Cushion Pact

I know Korean companies are one upping each other in coming up with more and more BB cushion case designs. There are TV show/animation/comic collaborations left and right, and while that's great, surprisingly, it's so refreshing to see something simple and clean like this one. 

Be sure to snag these new babies at stores near you! 

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