Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion Review 

I guess it's safe to call this product the "wind beneath my wings", as this has always been part of my skincare routine for more than 2 years already! I'm already on my second bottle of Tony Moly's Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion. Though I don't use it every single day that two bottles have not yet been used up in all this time, it's been a steadfast fixture in my skincare rack. I generally use this everyday for stability against acne. On days when I do have acne, I'll use only this emulsion after facial wash as a means of moisturizing and nourishing skin without stressing it further. 

So let's get down to this review!

Packaging and Scent: The old packaging was in a tall bottle, and the current one is in a shorter bottle. As is with other AC control lines of Korean brands, the graphics look very scientific and medical-ish. There is a light fragrance, although I can't really identify it as a particular kind of smell or plant. My best guess is they based the fragrance off of the medicinal ingredients they used in this.

Product Texture: Among other emulsions, this is more lightweight, and a little bit runnier.

Hydration vs. Oil: Definitely, this is one of those products that works so well in giving as much hydration whilst making skin the least oiliest. As an AC control item, it's got a good balance of making skin bouncy and soft, but without being too overwhelming like how some Korean skincare products might be. Korea is so dry in general that Korean skincare products tend to lean on being too emollient or too nourishing relative to the very humid Philippine weather. But this item in particular is perfect for our humid weather as it is absorbed really quickly and isn't sticky like other emulsions.

Skin Texture Refinement: I personally love how this helps to shrink pores gently. As it helps to shrink pimples, it technically helps to prevent bad acne scars, and helps to keep skin texture less likely to be damaged by scarring. But this is a product that needs to be used for an extended period of time before results can be measurable or felt.

Value For Money: This retails for Php948 at StyleKorean, and is currently on sale at Php758. You only need to use sooo little at a time, so even if I've used this quite often, it still took me over a year to finish my first bottle. 150mL is quite generous for the price, especially that the formulation works so well in the Philippine weather.

Overall Feedback: I think the keyword for this product is stability. If you're the type of person who has crazy fluctuations, like with good days and then bad days, you will definitely want something like this to stabilize your skin's condition. If you want consistently good skin, and more controllable bouts of acne, it'd be nice to constantly have a product like this in your routine.

Now that's done, here's the packaging! 
Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion Bottle 

The old packaging is taller, but this new one is shorter and more compact. 
Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion New and Old Bottle 

For those who wish to see the ingredients, here you go: 
Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion Box Information

Like before, it comes with a convenient pump, so it's easy to dispense. I usually need 1 pump for my face, and 1 for my neck.
Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion Bottle Pump

Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion Swatch 

This photo shows how runny and lightweight it is: 
Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion when Blended

Gosh, I missed doing reviews!! I really am serious about doing more in the coming weeks.