Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Event

Happy first anniversary, BLK Cosmetics! 

It actually feels weird to be thinking that this brand is just a year old given all the milestones they have achieved. With new product lines almost every month, and with their new releases always making headlines, it seems like they've been around for so long. Indeed, Anne Curtis is the ultimate pursuer of dreams, as this passion project of hers really took off. Since last year, so many celebs have gone on makeup line forays, but not all celebs have met the same level of success as Anne. Perhaps, it can also be attributed to her partners. With the business savvy and knowhow of partner Jacqe Gutierrez, as well as their other partners, the brand took off.

For their first anniversary, they decided to commemorate it with the launch of their BLK to the 90's range, featuring the color palettes from that era. And also, Caboodles galore!

Anne was the ultimate Clueless inspiration goal, with her head to toe Versace ensemble. She gamely answered questions from the press and media. They made the event more intimate, and she was in close proximity with journalists. If no one told you they were the press, it looked like she was just chatting with friends. 
Anne Curtis' Doing Press Inteviews At #BLKtothe90's

This was the perfect collection to start their mascara with, as the grown-ups were all obsessed with waterproof mascara and all sorts of eyelash products at the time! In the glory days of the 90's, I was still a toddler, and I look back fondly at how my mom and sister styled themselves during the era. In my mind, there was this obsession with Gap Dream, butterfly hairclips, blue mascara and eyeshadow, and a merciless addiction towards brown lipstick shades. I remember it not even being about looking for browns that are flattering, but looking for browns that were standout browns. 
Decor at Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Event

And this! The ultimate 90's icon, the Caboodles!!! I remember so fondly as a kid that my mom had several Caboodles for me where she stored my hairclips. At the time, I was still too young to really have a makeup routine of my own, so I didn't have a makeup stash. But I remember tons and tons of scrunchies and flower clips stores in my Caboodles. 
Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Makeup Sets

My peg was to wear something comfy but something that looked like a mannequin of Forever 21 this year. They've been churning out great plaid ensembles one after the other, and I obviously could not resist. 
OOTD to Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's

And let's talk about the products! They have their new Soft Matte Mousse (Php349), which comes in 3 new shades. Sorry I wasn't able to swatch the third shade, Totally. These shades are Booyah and As If!. I totally loved the shades of their new lip mousse as they suited my skin tone really well. I like the concept of BLK for Filipina skin tones, but I will also be honest that some of the past releases look too dark or overpowering on me. So I'm happy to see these shades that suit me well. 
Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Soft Matte Mousse 

Here I am wearing Booyah. It's described as a plum, although I personally thought of it as a brick red with a touch of pink. 
Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Soft Matte Mousse in Booyah

And here I am wearing As If!. I totally loved this nude pink shade, because on me, it looked really flattering. It was a beautiful coral pink, and y'all know how much I love coral shades. 
Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Soft Matte Mousse in As If! 

As for their All Day Intense Matte Lipstick (Php299), they have two new brown based shades, which are highly reminiscent of the color palettes of the 90's. There's Oh Snap (the plum one) and Peace Out (ochre brown). I think that Peace Out is something that a lot of Pinays will love as it's got this beautiful deep ochre shade going on, but at the same time it's also unique. A lot of brands churn out brown shades more on the burgundy family, so this one is unique. 
Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's All Day Intense Matte Lipsticks in Oh Snap and Peace Out

The new liquid eyeshadows may not be something that I remember as 90's themed, but as far as 2018 is concerned, I am loving the hues! They churned out two new shades for their Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow (Php299), Slammin' (brick shade) and The Bomb (cocoa shade). With the eternal autumn look being all the rage in 2018, these babies definitely will come in handy for such makeup looks. These are easy to blend, and they set into this beautiful velvet texture, which is why this is definitely a must have for people who want a simple routine. 
Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadows in Slammin' and The Bomb

Aside from these three releases, they are also launching their mascara and eyeliner pencils into the market. For those who really want to finish an entire look using BLK, it's more or less now possible given that they have released mascara. They are also launching a 2 way powder foundation, which of course was all the rage in the late 90's and early 00's as people tried to go for less gunkier foundation formulations. 
Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Eyeliner Pencils

Anne Curtis' BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's 2 Way Powder Foundation

Indeed, the whole party was a fun way to launch new products. They had a ball pit, silent disco, candy booth, and nonstop 90's music for the guests. In the 90's, as I was still a toddler, it was really an era of carefree fun for me. At the time, all I had to worry about was not getting caught (that I wasn't sleeping yet) as I didn't like taking naps. And then it was just about not breaking any plate or vase. Everyday was playtime, and definitely a life without any responsibilities like what I have now. 
Anne Curtis at BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Event

After hours of dancing the night away, there was a more serious portion as Anne wholeheartedly thanked all the fans and supporters who made BLK grow so much in a year's time. She thanked all her business partners who made it happen. After all, BLK Cosmetics was only launched after many twists and turns over 5 years. Anne is known to have a penchant for makeup, and many brands know that. Many brands have approached Anne to do a makeup collab before, but she felt that a collab collection just wasn't a good fit as she wanted to have greater control over shades, formulations, and packaging. Offers of course came from everywhere, but not all offers were necessarily good or a good fit for her. This is why it took so long before they were able to launch BLK Cosmetics.

Indeed, it was also a time for reminiscing. She shared how much she loved the 90's as an era that she thought it would be the best way to celebrate BLK's first anniversary with a 90's themed collection.
Anne Curtis Thanking Supporters at BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's Event

Anne's business partners Jacqe Gutierrez and Steph Abellada went onstage to have a toast with her. Jacqe expressed how thankful she was for Anne's devotion to the brand. Behind the scenes, Anne invested a lot of quality time to develop ideas and concepts, and to truly work hands on with the staff of BLK Cosmetics. Despite her busy schedule, she really made it work. If you come to think of it, since the launch of BLK, Anne has gotten married, done several concerts, done at least 2 films, all while maintaining her usual role at Showtime and her roster of endorsements. Not to mention keeping up with all her cute pets! You can really tell how much she loves and cares for the brand to be able to make so much time for it despite her schedule. 
Anne Curtis with partners Jacque Gutierrez and Steph Abellada at BLK Cosmetics #BLKtothe90's

Indeed, it was a night to remember! I had so much fun dancing with my friends.

The whole night was all about Raf and I being educated by Chucky and Sky about 90's life wahahaha. Raf and I technically are both millennials and were toddlers in the 90's, so there are some aspects we needed some explaining on hahaha. 

With the woman of the hour, of course! Anne looks so regal in whatever she wears. 

And a photo with Chienna who really took the memo and came in such a cute Spice Girl outfit! 

With Rachel who made our country so so proud. 

And Nicole who is really my idol as she's so eloquent. 

And of course a selfie with Krisitne who came in such a cute outfit for the event.

Till the next time travel to the 90's! 

*The #BLKtothe90s Collection is available online at Shopee, Lazada, BeautyMNL, Cliqqshop, Zalora, and Offline, the collection can be found at all blk boutiques, Watsons and The SM Store Beauty sections.

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