Danarra Aromatherapy Oil

From the makers of KojieSan comes an innovative and quick way to destress! Last month, Danarra Aromatherapy Oils officially entered the market. The roll on oils are compact, easy to use, and come in an array of fragrances for different occasions and preferences. If you are the kind of person who always brings menthol+camphor oils in your bag, this is a new way to add variety and add more functional benefits to your usual liniment.

They sent the items over in a lovely box! 
Danarra Aromatherapy Oil Gift Box
The current collection has six variants for various needs and preferences. All of them are mentholated as they all have menthol, camphor, and methyl salicylate. But this time, there is a side fragrance, so each one smells like menthol, but combined with something else.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oils Displayed

Their Classic Menthol variant can be dubbed as the original one. Its key ingredient is menthol, and this works basically like other embrocations. You just dab some of this on to get rid of headaches or dizziness. However, this is more convenient to use than competitor products as it comes in a roll on format.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oil Classic Menthol

The Young variant smells like a mentholated light baby cologne, if you ask me. This is perfect for people who do not want to smell like mentholated oil but need the benefits of mentholated oil.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oil Young

They have a Green Tea variant as well. If you will take time to have a long sniff, this smells like the usual Green Tea. But since the menthol fragrance is quite strong as well, it doesn't smell like green tea on the first whiff.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oil Green Tea

Their Flowery Citrus variant indeed is very invigorating and energizing, and smells sophisticated, too. Think of satsuma or yuja. This is perfect for those who like a refreshingly clean scent in their aromatherapy products.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oil Flowery Citrus

For those who are into Lavender for whether it's relaxing or sleep inducing, the makers also thought about that and came up with this variant.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oil Lavender 
For those who are into are reaaaally intense kind of coolness/mentholation/mintyness/however you may describe it, their Sport variant is for you. If pre-workout drinks or pre-match music playlists had an aromatherapy counterpart, this would be it.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oil Sport

This is definitely something that a lot of you will love as each one is just Php89 and can be found at Mercury Drug outlets nationwide. For those who want something more than just the usual menthol-camphor embrocation, this whole range is bound to have something for your needs.

I am glad that when they launched this, the main benefits promoted were stress relief and reducing discomfort (like headache and dizziness). The benefits promised are realistically feasible, and ethical at that. I say this because I am not in favor of the brands that tout their aromatherapy oils as the cures for everything–– more so the brands that persuade its fans to shun medical attention in favor of oils. Aromatherapy oils do have tons of health benefits, but they should never replace proper medical attention for serious medical cases.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oils Side By Side

But also, please note that all of these oils have menthol and camphor in them. All of them have a cool sensation once applied, and have a mentholated scent. I thought of pointing this out as my mom cannot tolerate items with camphor in them. Also, I'm pointing this out because some people might be under the impression that like the lavender variant is purely lavender alone. If you're looking for pure lavender or pure green tea scents, this is not the go-to brand as all of these are menthol-camphor blends. These all smell great and do have an uplifting effect, but yeah, I thought I'd bring this up.
Danarra Aromatherapy Oils Ingredients

If you're looking to add variety to your liniment and embrocation collection, then be sure to try Danarra aromatherapy oils today! 

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