J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Coronation

Happy Hallo-kween!!! J.Cat Beauty really stepped it up a notch this year with their first ever Hallokween makeup competition. There usually are a lot of brands that churn out competitions or small contests during Halloween, but this one is unique. They challenged entrants to create two different looks on their face, one being the spookiest Halloween look they could imagine, and the other half bearing the most sassy glam kween look they could come up with. The results were definitely a joy to see! 

J.Cat has done so much in just a little bit over a year here in the Philippines, and now people are looking forward to more Hallokween contests in the future. 

This event is part of this vlog, Check it out!

They had a same day edit to show what went on that day! You can find some snippets of me there! 

Even the posters all have the cute concept going on! I was really in awe of the people who even customized wigs and costumes for their entries to this competition. 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Event Poster

Staples from J.Cat were of course on display for all makeup kittens to appreciate and try out. Of course, their loose glitters and glitter eyeshadows are the ultimate staples for Halloween. Add to that an immaculate glow courtesy of their cult favorite highlighters. 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Event Makeup Setup

As with any other Halloween themed party, there was definitely no shortage of sweets... 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Sweets Setup

The stage was a cute circular platform. This reminds me a lot of the doll pedestals that come from expansion packs of Barbie and Bratz dolls hehehe. 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Stage

And there lay the coveted crown! Unlike the usual trophy most brands prepare for competitions, they had a specially designed tiara to be awarded to the winner. 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Tiara

Bravewelle Madera, CEO of Bwelle Store Enterprises, spoke about how excited her was about the winner. The day was all about rewarding the hard work of an exceptionally talented and creative individual. Of course, he also shared how overwhelmed they are with the support and the public reception towards the competition. There were 73 entries all in all, and all were stunning. 

I was also excited to see Bravewelle again after a looong time! We were Brandstorm players in the same year, and were competitors at the time. I managed to keep in touch with most of my co-players and it's nice whenever I get to meet anyone of them. 
Bravewelle Madera of Bwelle Enterprises speaks at J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018

Kitten Crew member Raf explained how hard it was to judge. He explained that it's definitely not easy to join the competition, given that it took a lot of effort to shoot his own look for the promotional materials for the contest. He knows that most of the looks took 6-8 hours to do, not to mention the shooting and editing the participants needed to do. It definitely is already an achievement in itself if you were able to join, let alone make it to the top 15. 
Raf Juane speaks at J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Coronation

They had highly respected judges! Anton Patdu and Gery Penaso are definitely the movers and shakers in the industry. I look up to them personally and am always looking forward to what they're up to next. I love Pia Wurtzbach a lot, and I totally love how Gery can transform Pia from dolly to sultry whenever an event or occasion calls for it. 

The two judges shared how hard it was to judge. Well, it is clichéd judge speech, but indeed, with 73 entries and with all of them being high caliber entries, it definitely was hard to be them. It was also definitely hard to balance the scores I think, as each entrant came up with two looks. When you make people two very polarized looks at the same time, the specialties and weaknesses of the entrant come to light. So it's difficult to select a winner who has a good balance of skills, creativity, and artistry in the glam part and the gore part of the look. 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Judges Anton Patdu and Gery Penaso

And we have a winner! Vince Relos bested the other top 14 contestants and became the grand winner of the competition. It was sooo touching in real life When his name was called out, he was actually so weak in the knees and knelt and sat on the ground several times before mustering the strength to go up onstage to receive his award. There were a lot of really good entries in the top 15, so it was a really tough competition at that point.

He gave a special shoutout to our girl Mae Layug, as it was Mae who pushed him to join. As the prize pool was really big, and the eligibility was nationwide, he was hesitant, thinking that others would be too good. It was Mae's push that made him push through with his entry. And now, as he is crowned Hallokween, the rest is history. 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Winner Vince Relos

For those who are curious, here is his winning look! He shot his video in store, and it was so interesting to see how he really took eyeshadows and used them to completely transform himself.

The participants pose together for a portrait. I was so nice to see the makeup looks of a lot of them! 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Winner Vince Relos and Fellow Participants

Vince is photographed once more, but this time with judges Gery and Anton, as well as kitten crew members Raf and Katchie. 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Winner Vince Relos with Anton Patdu, Gery Penaso, Raf Juane, and Katchie Mejias

The other staff and stakeholders of J.Cat Philippines also join in. 
J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Staff, Judges, and Winner

And this! Thank you J.Cat for this!

Everyone's chairs had a sticker underneath, and some chairs had Trick stickers while other chairs had Treat stickers. If you got a Treat sticker, you had the chance to fill up this mini cauldron with all the J.Cat goodies you can grab from a special drawer in 10 seconds! I was able to get quite a healthy supply of pencils and eyeshadows alongside lots of candy. Indeed, it was an interesting treat for Halloween. 
My J.Cat Beauty Philippines Hallokween 2018 Magic Cauldron

And selfie time!!!

With Kia 

And Bravewelle 

And Raf 

And Gery who I finally got to have a photo with! I've seen him in many events, but never got the chance before to have a photo with him as he always was in a rush (to perhaps another engagement). 

Indeed, it's gonna be exciting to see who will be J.Cat's Hallokween 2019! 

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