Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Two Way Cake and FitMe! Skin Fit Powder Foundation
Here's news fresh from the press: Maybelline has new pressed powders! *pun intended*

Maybelline recently brought in their FitMe! Skin Fit Powder Foundation, and renewed the packaging of their Clear Smooth All In One Two Way Cake. Both look sooo sleek, and I'm sure a lot of girls have started to love the presence of these babies in their kikay kits! 

Maybelline has their Dream Satin Skin, White Superfresh, Clear Smooth All In One, and FitMe! Pressed Powders in their current roster of powders. Thus far, there are no loose powders introduced to the Philippine market, and I sincerely wish they would (coz I usually use loose powders). They are adding in this FitMe! SkinFit Powder Foundation to the roster. At the same time, they are renewing their existing Clear Smooth All In One. I have also heard rumors of other powders getting killed off, but well, until they get killed off, what I know are just rumors.
Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Two Way Cake and FitMe! Skin Fit Powder Foundation

FitMe! range lovers definitely will rejoice with the arrival of FitMe! Skin Fit Powder Foundation (Php349). I think they brought this in perhaps as a nod to more mature clients who usually are looking for powder foundations these days. Powder foundation is seen as an efficient way to cover blemishes without making the skin oily, and I think it's the practicality that makes it a hit with everyone. But I guess the mature market prefers powder foundation as they come from the era of foundation cakes. They are looking for something that offers the same level of coverage, or something similar, to that of foundation cakes. But at the same time, they do not want to relive the nightmares of yesteryears with extremely hot and heavy foundation. Powder foundation is the middle ground where they can achieve the coverage they want without reliving the bad gunky foundation memories they have.

The nice thing is that Maybelline has finally conquered the powder foundation market with a very wide spectrum of shades. This comes in 8 shades, which is their most generous yet, as other powder foundations come in 4-5 shades. To add, this range really went to the 'extremes' instead of having 4 shades which are still quite marginally close, like their other ranges.

Maybelline FitMe! Skin Fit Powder Foundation

As for Clear Smooth All In One (Php259), it now comes in a totally square compact, unlike its past two predecessors which came in rectangle compacts with curved edges. The design overall is also more sleek and minimalist, and is a nod to the tastes and preferences of the 2018 young crowd. 

The last last one used to be Powder Foundation, but this new one and its predecessor are now Two Way Cakes, so they can be used in wet and dry settings. The key difference is that this new Clear Smooth All In One has the keywords "Oil Control + Lightweight", compared to the predecessor which says "UV+Lightening Oil Control". The market perhaps is no longer that attached to whitening in makeup as there are already more aggressive ways to whiten with drips and pills. So now the focus is to make it lightweight. 

I totally love Clear Smooth as even the previous formulation is already very lightweight and makes my skin look poreless and shine free. This is definitely something I am totally looking forward to using! I've always carried a Maybelline compact in my purse for years now, and this upgrade is definitely something exciting. 
Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Two Way Cake

Fun times indeed. I'm so excited about these new powders!!! 

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