Vaseline Lip Therapy

ADMIT IT! You've dreamed of kissing your favorite K-pop idol coz they have lips that look so kissable. Haven't we all? Well, this product won't magically make you have the chance to kiss them. Sorry about that. But instead, Vaseline's New Lip Therapy sticks are the same ones that your biases are using to achieve supple lips! Wanna achieve lips as kissable as your fave idols? This is the answer! 

This new series of sticks is made in Korea, and is the exact same one you've been seeing in paparazzi pics and makeup pouches of your fave celebs. With Korean celebs looking too good, it's no wonder why we've been trying to get their beauty secrets. We've all been eyeing glass skin and have been trying to curate the best products for our 10 step Korean skincare routines. But for the lips, these new lip balm sticks are the ultimate hack to looking like we have a 10-step skincare routine for our lips as well. 

These are powered by Vaseline's centuries-trusted petroleum jelly, but this time, they are in easy-to-use and more hygienic stick formats. I personally love the Vaseline lip balms in tub format, but I get that some people find it messy and unhygienic. If you're one of the people who thought that way about the tubs, you'll surely love these now that they're in stick format. 
Vaseline Lip Therapy

The new Lip Therapy sticks come in four variants: Original, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, and Rosy Lips.

The Original one of course is the ultimate no frills beauty secret. It's uncolored and unscented, so it's perfect for the people who do not like colorants and fragrances. It also will help let the true beauty of your lips shine through. This is also fortified with Vitamin E to make lips healthy.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original

The Cocoa Butter variant is obviously the first choice for those with a sweet tooth. This smells like a Starbucks drink, which appeals so much to me! I personally like sweet scents a lot, so this is a great addition to my collection. This is also fortified with Shea Butter to hydrate and moisturize lips.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter

The Aloe Vera variant is the ultimate go-to variant if you're looking for intense hydration. Just like how we're all obsessed with Aloe Vera gel for its lightweight but intense hydration, this is also super moisturizing and hydrating. This is also soothing, just like how we use Aloe Vera gel to soothe sunburned or chapped skin.
Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera

For the K-pop addicts, this Rosy Lips variant is the ultimate must have. You've seen this being used by the makeup noonas on idols during backstage footage, and you know you wanna get this right now. This is more pale than the past rosy variant, but it also means that it's now more versatile. You can use this alone to get a soft glow, or use it before your lipstick as a lip primer. 
Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips

Take your pick!
Vaseline Lip Therapy

And it was so cute of them to have sent over these items together with the balms! They sent over this mirror... 

As well as this 90's themed jelly style belt pouch. 

As well as this drawstring pouch...

If you're looking forward to having dewy and moisturized lips, try these today! 

**The new Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks are available at Watsons for Php 99 SRP. For more information, visit

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