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Don't forget! The sun is there all year round. Even with the slightly colder -ber months (yes just slightly because it's still so hot every single day), the sun is still out there. I've said this many times on this blog that we shouldn't be limited by sunscreen ads. Most ads show people frolicking on the beach with a bottle of sunscreen somewhere in the photo, and so we subconsciously get this message that sunscreen is just for summer trips. However, the sun is out there 24/7, and whether we're on vacation or not, we will still get sun damage. This is why Bioré is popular for sunscreens–– the formulations are lightweight, easily absorbable, but strong protectors of the skin. 

Bioré's uber popular HG level UV Watery Gel underwent a makeover! This is the new 90mL packaging, and is now sturdier but bulkier than the past packaging. But, I highly recommend this for traveling because I've tried this before and this already serves a dual purpose of being a sunscreen and a makeup primer. When you're traveling, multitasking products are definitely must haves, as you can save space by bringing less, and you can also save time by using less number of items.

This is transparent, leaves absolutely no white cast, and is not a greasy emulsion like other sunscreens. Even though the name is UV Aqua Gel and it does behave like a moist gel, it's primer like as it sets into a matte velvety texture. As it's not greasy, it doesn't make makeup move at all. And since it's velvety, it helps to also have some sort of pore blurring effect. This is why if you want something that helps your makeup look good and stay put all day, all while keeping you protected from the sun. this is the product for you.

Bioré UV Aqua Watery Gel

If you read up on the back label, there's actually a lot to be learned about this product's benefits. It's waterproof and sweat proof! This blocks UVA and UVB rays for maximum protection. It also leaves no white cast, and helps to brighten the skin. Plus, it's also allergy tested.
Bioré UV Aqua Watery Gel Label and Ingredients

They also sent in samples! Bioré samples are the best, and I always look forward to them, as they are uber useful for travel.
Bioré Samples

This new body care serum also got me curious! I hope that this will be lightweight enough for daily use...
Bioré UV Body Care Serum Sample

And there's also quite a detailed info sheet with their Bioré Perfect Oil sample. I really loved that oil, and have actually reviewed it in the past. It's a bit thicker in consistency, which is why you can get it to remove waterproof makeup in your lashline area without accidentally getting the product in your eyes. The info sheet also has the right to call out the disadvantages of rubbing one's eyes, because I was able to thoroughly remove my makeup without rubbing when I used Bioré's Perfect Oil.

I'm so excited to be using these in my travels! 

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