Dove Ultimate Repair Darkmarks Corrector Deodorant Range

Huwaaat? A deo that whitens without even saying the word whitening?! 

Advance mag-isip ang mga taga-Dove! I'm glad that their new deo collection tackles an unpopular opinion that I also have. Deo shelves are stocked to the brim with whitening products. There are underarm scrubs, glutathione deos, papaya whitening deos––you get the picture. We buy them even though we don't really have 100% faith in them, because those are the only choices we have. 

But in reality, dark underarms are usually caused by chafed, cracked, and damaged skin. Think about your thighs––we all universally have a dark singit area (not unless you have a thigh gap and if you do I hate you hahaha). But when we look at the rest of our thighs, we notice that only the areas of our thighs that rub and chafe are dark, and the rest is not dark. Therefore, we then come to the conclusion that it's not a skin color problem, but a chafed skin problem. Since it's not a skin color problem, it's not a whitening product that we need, but instead a skin repair product that we need. 

If you think with this train of thought analogously with underarms, it more or less is why this whole range has been launched. We can apply whitening products on our underarms all we want, but it's not going to solve our problems of localized darkening on the underarm area. Given that the underarm area is of course an area where skin is prone to rubbing and chafing, we need to tackle the damaged skin problem first before we can really have evenly toned underarms. Plus, unlike the thighs, it's not only chafing but also all the hair removal we do that makes the problem worse! So indeed, damaged underarm skin should be urgently addressed. 

The new Dove Ultimate Repair Darkmarks Corrector Deodorant range is powered, of course, by 1/4 moisturizing cream, as is with other Dove body products. But this range is specifically fortified with Vitamin B3, or in other words, Niacinamide. Almost all skincare products people are going crazy over these days are fortified with Niacinamide. And for good reason. Niacinamide is a long known anti-aging ingredient that helps to even out skin tone, get rid of fine lines, and restore and renew skin. These two components are really important to really repair and restore damaged underarm skin.

Another thing that excites me is that they have translated this new formula in three formats! That's why there's bound to be something for everyone. No matter which format one chooses, all of these come in a lovely Fresh Lily scent, which I think is a good contrast to their existing original deodorants which smell like Dove baby powder smell, and their Go Fresh ones that smell like cucumber.

This comes in a spray format which is Php195 for a 150mL aerosol can. 

Dove Ultimate Repair Darkmarks Corrector Deodorant Spray

They also have this available in deodorant stick format for Php156.55 (for 40g).
Dove Ultimate Repair Darkmarks Corrector Deodorant Stick

And they also have this in roll on format for Php102 (for 40mL). 
Dove Ultimate Repair Darkmarks Corrector Roll On Deodorant

It was also so sweet of them to have sent over related items! They sent over a tub of Himalayan salt scrub for some deep exfoliation. 

As well as a rose quartz facial roller which I'm so excited to try! My skin looks tired these days and I've always been intrigued by these. 

With all that said, no need to settle for just whitening, as Dove Ultimate Repair Darkmarks Corrector will tackle the root cause of underarm darkening! This is now available on Lazada and at leading groceries, drugstores, and beauty retailers nationwide.

#RaiseItHigh with Dove! 

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