Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse Review and Swatches

Superface does it again!

In a few years, Superface has really become popular with high quality products that make you look and feel like a star. Developed by Jung Son and Larry Shiu, who are popular film directors, the goal was to come up with products that are photo and video optimized. And yes, there's also that aspect of star power when you use their products. This review will be all about Superface's Soft Blur Lip Mousse

Shade Selection: This lip mousse comes in four shades: Warm Brick, Flamingo, China Doll, and Flame. This product release is all about reds. Red is a difficult color for a lot of people as the wrong red can make you look weird, so it makes sense to have a release with four differing types of red. All of them are intensely red, and come with differing undertones, so if you're looking for a mellow or subdued red, this is not the right collection for you. But, if your issue is just finding a red to match your skintone, you'll surely find something out of the four already. 

Color Payoff and Pigmentation: When it comes to making the color show up, there is no effort required at all. One swipe is already so intensely pigmented. In fact, I actually even take care to not apply too much as this product is really really intense. In real life, the difference between the reds show up clearly, although the differences don't show up as clearly in photos. So it's got good color payoff as well. 

Texture: This has a mousse texture as advertised, and feels like a powdery emulsion on the lips. Even though it's a mousse, it feels lightweight on the lips and does not feel like having a mask on. This is a powdery mousse. It's mousse, but a more on the liquid type of mousse, not the whipped type of mousse. This has more of a lip balm like feeling on the lips rather than a velvety feel on the lips. 

Comfort: I personally find this really comfy to wear as it doesn't feel sticky thanks to its mousse formulation. To add, since this doesn't set or dry, there's no stiff or dry feeling at all. It comes with a fruity scent, but thankfully, too, it doesn't leave a bad taste at the back of my throat (which unfortunately happens with other fruity scented lip products). Since I have eternally dry lips and dry patches, I love that this doesn't make the cracked patches feel uncomfortable in any way.

Longevity: Upon application, this stays crazy intense for about the first two hours or so. There is a bit of fading (about 10-20%), but this is not very noticeable, and then this stays put this way for about 3-5 hours with no problems at all. But that is if you don't eat nor drink. Since this mousse does move around, if you eat or drink, transferring of the product is inevitable. This is really comfy, but yes, it does transfer and get reduced. However, since these lip mousses are intensely red, they all leave quite a nice tint that can stay put for hours as well. 

Value For Money: This retails for Php980 at my Charis shop. It's not the cheapest mousse out there, but for 5.4mL, the pricing is more or less already reasonable. Most liquid lip products are at 3mL-5.2mL in most cases, so the 5.4mL amount is considerably generous. 

Overall Feedback: I personally love this for days when I'm not doing a lot of drama for my makeup. When I'm going for little base makeup, and no eye makeup, I need something as lively and vibrant as these to freshen up my entire look. This is very comfortable formulation that comes in sophisticated shades, and has a nice fruity fragrance, too. I recommend this for the people who are able to retouch several times a day, but are looking for a product that's so intense that they need to use only a little each time, and therefore use this for a long long time. 

Now that that's done, here are the photos! I have two shades: Flamingo and Warm Brick.

A mercilessly vivid blue based red. 

This is so intense that I feel like I lack the spunk and fierceness to use this actually...
Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse Flamingo Tube

Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse Flamingo Wand Zoom In

Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse Flamingo Swatch

Wearing Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse in Flamingo

Wearing Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse in Flamingo

Warm Brick
As the name implies, this is a warm brownish red. This is warm, but not as orangey as what one would think when 'brick' is the keyword. 

I love to use this on a lot of my day to day looks! I think this shade flatters me a lot.
Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse Warm Brick Tube
Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse Warm Brick Wand Zoom In

Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse Warm Brick Swatch

Wearing Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse in Warm Brick

Wearing Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse in Warm Brick

Indeed, it's not hard to spice up any look with this lippie. Don't be boring, be super! 

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