A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner Review

Definitely one of the best products of 2018! I'm not saying this coz this is from CHARIS or that I'm now a CHARIS employee. See my comparison photos later in this post and you will get what I mean. A picture paints a thousand words. And in today's review, the photos will show how awesome this toner is in reducing pore size and achieving an immaculate glow! 

I used A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner religiously for one month, every night, from October 16 to November 16, 2018. I had to review something else after that, so I had to stop. When I stopped, I realized how good it was because I saw that my skin wasn't in the same condition it was in compared to when I was using A.Stop. And when I sat down to compare the before and after photos, I was blown away by the difference! Okay lemme review it now!

Packaging and Scent: A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner comes in a convenient spray bottle. I saved up on cotton pads for a month as I didn't need to use it with this one. The spray nozzle this toner has is able to dispense a fine mist, so so long as my eyes are properly shut, I have never encountered a problem with this entering my eyes. This nozzle is also able to spray even when it's turned upside down, as it is also marketed to treat bacne. As for the bottle, it's a sturdy blue bottle. I brought this with me to Japan. While it was quite big for travel, I didn't have any worries as the bottle is sturdy. This has a fresh citrus based scent, although I can't describe what it exactly smells like.

Product Texture: This is a fine mist, and is quick absorbing.

Hydration vs. Oil: A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner has been really helpful in getting rid of oil. I can't really judge hydration, as this is a toner and I follow up with other items. But this doesn't feel like the extreme astringents we usually get from Philippine groceries that really feel so intense. This feels gentle on the skin, and it doesn't feel like it is sucking the life out of me.

Skin Texture Refinement: This is HG material!!! A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner has AHA to help get rid of comedones. They promote that it has an 80.95% comedone reducing effect, and it is true!!! After a month, I could see my pores smaller in general, and the unsightly blackhead bumps are gone. I shot my pores in macro zoom, so that I could really compare. Throughout the month, I wasn't really sure if it was exactly working or it was psychological as we can't really zoom in on our pores just by staring at them on the mirror. When I reviewed the before and after extreme zoom in shots, that's when I was really so impressed to see that my blackheads and whiteheads are significantly reduced. In general, too, while using this, I felt that I had less blemishes and tiny bumps in general. It calmed whatever was being bumpy, be it acne, blackheads, whiteheads, or other blemishes.

Radiance Boost: I can't really pinpoint if it is this, or other products, that have been making my skin radiant. But I guess if you think of it that when there are less blackheads, skin looks cleaner and therefore brighter, then yes, this helps. As this has white willow bark extract, something I noticed more is that it helped to reduce redness on my skin. Red patches and lines were less red after a month, and you can also see it in the photos.

Value For Money: Each bottle of A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner is Php920 for a 210mL bottle from CHARIS. For something that does miracles like what happened to me, this is sooo cheap!!! But speaking realistically, the bottle is 13.5cm long, and after one month of daily usage, I used up about 2cm of product. For brevity in calculations, that's about 1/6 of the bottle, so each bottle technically can last about 6 months. Php920 isn't so bad given that it can be used for half a year. You also can save up a bit by not using cotton pads for 6 months thanks to the spray bottle format. So this may not be the cheapest toner out there, but it's a practical and smart purchase.

Overall Feedback: I LOVE THIS. How can I not love a toner that drastically reduced my pore size, got rid of all my blemishes, and got rid of the red patches on my skin? And how can I not love a toner that does all of those but is gentle and comes in a convenient packaging?! How?!!??? This is definitely gonna go down the books as one of the best toners of all time. There is a reason why this sold out and went viral in Korea. 

Okay now that the review is done, here are the photos! Apologies! It was quite difficult to capture the text in photos due to the bottle bring transparent.

This is how the bottle front looks like. 

A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner Bottle Front

And how the back looks like. 

A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner Bottle Back

And finally, these are the crazy before and after photos with A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner!!! 

I wasn't really keen on taking cute selfies and all because I know they won't really illustrate the effects of the product. I wanted to show the pore effects, so I focused on taking macro zoom ins of my pores. 

Look at the blackheads, they disappeared! To add, generally, the texture of my skin improved overall due to the decrease in pore size. The before and after photos were both shot in macro in the same studio conditions, so it really is my skin being less red after a month of usage. It's not a difference in lighting or camera effects. The redness really was reduced. 

A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner Before and After Side View

If you look at the front view, the effects are very visible! The redness is reduced drastically, and the pores really look smaller. I can already not use pore blurring primer as this toner already did the job or making my large pores disappear not just in photos but in real life.
A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner Before and After Front View

Definitely, A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner is one of my favorites for 2018! I didn't need to edit this no makeup photo anymore, as my skin texture really was improved. I'm so glad I was able to try out this product and see how awesome it is. 

After 1 Month of Using A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner 

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