Earning from 12.12 purchases?! 

Ha?! Meganon!!! Who knew that being a shopaholic can somehow be profitable in the end? It sounds like a fairytale, I know, but it's actually real. It's possible to earn from your holiday purchases through ShopBack! Enjoy various rebates from your favorite online shops, including (BUT TOTALLY NOT LIMITED TO!) Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, FoodPanda, and Honestbee. Earn back up to 25%! Basically every website where we finish all our money on, ShopBack has got our backs. 

So how does it work? Start by going to the ShopBack website and make your account. This is the first and most integral step because you can only earn from your purchases when you start from the website. Your activity can only be tracked once you visit a store via ShopBack. Entering the URL by yourself won't get you the earnings.

Once you select a shop on their website, there will usually be a window displaying important instructions for each website in particular. There will be information on rebate rates, rules on voucher usages, and if necessary, special instructions on making sure your purchase is properly done so you ca get the rebate. Of course, they'll also be showing you all the good stuff like the voucher codes, discounts, and deals that they can offer for the website at the moment.

The rebate transcends just e-commerce, as seen here with their Booking.com directions. 

It's that easy!!! And today, ShopBack is having their 12/12 Online Fever! This is their grandest holiday sale, and there will be vouchers, rewards, and rebates galore! Also, to save your lives from disaster when you still don't have last minute gifts, the fun continues as ShopBack will also hold their Christmas-New Year sale event from December 17 to January 3.

Shop crazy, but shop smart! With ShopBack, you can avoid traffic, shop to your heart's delight, and technically get paid for it!

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