Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel

Finally!!! A local brand has taken on the task to create an invincible brow pomade!!! And they teamed up with someone cool, too.

Project Vanity fans were sure to be in for a treat when Project Vanity collaborated with Ellana Minerals to come up with these brow pomades. They call it brow gel, but to me, it's a lot like ABH's Dipbrow Pomade, just a loooot more affordable and a lot easier to find. Kilay is life, so of course, we gotta step it up with lifeproof brows.  

These brow products are enriched with Marula Oil to help eyebrow growth, and they promise this will stay put all day. These are waterproof and smudgeproof, and can withstand the lifestyle of a Pinay whether it's traffic, hot weather, a hectic schedule, or all of the above that she's facing... 

The pilot collaboration stems from Liz's love for the brand since her college days. She fell in love with their powder, as it was very good relative to the price. She used it on her graduation! That interest for Ellana stemmed into many many more reviews on Project Vanity, and now, a special collaboration.

Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel Box Top 
Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel Ingredients

Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel Box Side

The brow gel comes in three shades, which I think already cover the needs and wants of most Pinays. These three shades cover most skintones and hair colors of Pinays. You only need one of these to be able to tame and control your brow hairs. But you can also get two, or buy all three, to create 3D brow effects. 

Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gels. L-R: Red Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown.

Each jar is filled with 4g of product. In real life, each jar has a 4.5cm diameter, and each one is half filled. Personally, I am aware that brow products take forever to finish, and each jar of this will surely take about 3 eons and 2 eternities to finish. But I think they could've used a packaging wherein the bottom is very thick, so when they put in the 4g of product, it will fill the jar to the brim, and thus create an illusion of more product. But yeah, that's just me. 
Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gels

Let's talk about the lovely shades!!! 

This is Red Brown
Well it says red brown, although I think in other nomenclature, this will be called chocolate brown. 
Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel in Red Brown

Then there's Light Brown. Uniquely, this is an ashy light brown, and not a reddish one like most brow products labeled as light brown. If you have issues with most of the brow products labeled in the market as light brown (which usually have reddish undertones), maybe this is finally the one for you. 
Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel in Light Brown

In the same vein, their Dark Brown shade is also ash based, which I think is great. There are too many reddish based brow products out there. To add, there are more and more people who are moving from reddish hair color shades to ashier ones. This kind of undertone will work better than reddish eyebrow products on those with ash blonde, ash brown, and natural black/brown hair. I really appreciate that they studied what Pinay skintones and hair colors would be like, and what the current offerings in the market do not have. 
Project Vanity X Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel in Dark Brown

Each jar is Php499, and can be purchased at Project Vanity Store or at Ellana's sales channels (in-store, website, Shopee, Lazada).

Hoping y'all have lifeproof brows in time for the holidays!!

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